In this Weekly Call I'm speaking with Barbara Swiatkiwsky about what it takes to built an abundant business that you not only love but that supports your family and your travel, personal and professional development and selfcare.

In our conversation Barbara will also share the three key things that she believes set people who are 'trying to make a go of it' and abundant holistic business owners apart so you can start taking your own holistic practice more seriously... and enjoying the rewards.

Learn more about Barbara and her services here.

Also in this Weekly Call I'm announcing the February Coaching Scholarship.

This month I'm making one place available in my private coaching program, Grow, Serve & Shine.

The scholarship for Grow, Serve & Shine takes the investment from $2800 to $1000. So if making an investment in you, your business and your abundance speaks to you and this scholarship would help, please email me to apply:

And to learn more about the Grow, Serve & Shine program, click here.