Where are you relative to your goals for 2016?

What needs ramping up?

What needs to be released and dissolved? 

In this Weekly Call I'm explaining why this time of year is when we are more vulnerable to a 'sagging middle', and what three things are the most common reasons why people don't leap off the cliff when they really desire to!

Also on this call I'm opening up THREE only Money Manifestation Breakthrough Sessions if you truly desire to come to Thailand with me AND secure the Super Early Bird Registration and are stuck with the money piece.

To book in for one of these sessions you need to be convinced that coming to Thailand is right for you (because I'm not going to convince you!) AND ready to get creative with me about ways you can call in the funds you require to get you on retreat with us.

Please use this link to book your time (and please note in your booking that you specifically require a Money Manifestation Breakthrough Session): www.meetme.so/AmyMcDonald

These sessions are only valid through to Saturday night (when the Super Early Bird ends).

I can't wait to see you in Thailand! http://www.amymcdonald.com.au/retreats/