First up, a short note from me from Berlin! (Feeling the Bhav... can you tell?)

Next, in this week's call I'm sharing my responses to this question, 'How do I make my Yoga biz MAKE money?' Enjoy!

Learn more about 'Make Your Yoga Biz Make Money' right here:

Not sure what you can achieve with me in just 3 hours? Here is what one of my clients said this week about 3 hours with me:

‘Make Your Yoga Biz Make Money’ is open for registrations only through to the end of the month.
However, the time we will spend together will be scheduled at a time that suits both of us perfectly somewhere in the period early July to mid August.

So there is loads of time to fit it in to your calendar.

In fact, I’m intentionally keeping those 5 weeks aside specifically for working with the gorgeous folks who are already enrolling for the program.

This offer does go away 30 June or once the 16 places are sold (whichever comes first).

Here is the link to learn more: