In the Abundant Yoga Teacher Weekly Call this week I'm VERY excited to introduce you to three stellar clients of mine who are really going for it - each in their own ways - in their Yoga businesses this year.

You'll meet Karen from Australia, mother of two kids, avid learner, Reiki healer and Yoga teacher who teaches from her small home-based studio.

You'll meet Sarah in Singapore, Yoga teacher and aspiring retreat leader who has recently been published in Elephant Journal on the topic of teaching Yoga to teenagers on the autistic spectrum (an area of speciality for her).

You'll also meet Rachel from England (who I introduced you to last week) who is welcoming abundance in her life and increasingly sharing her authentic voice in her small community (at an ice cream farm!)

Karen, Sarah and Rachel have also all signed up for Growing Your Yoga Business. On the call they'll explain why they know they've still got more to learn, and why growing IN community is important to them.

Have you registered for Growing Your Yoga Biz yet? There is just over a week to take your place.