Yup: it's time we talked about 'the disease to please'!

If saying YES when you desire to say NO is something that is coming up for you with your students, you'll love this call.

Make sure you download the worksheet to go along with this week's call.

In this call we also spoke about Growing Your Yoga Business, my 4-month signature Group Program where you’ll learn all you need, and get all the support you need, to take your Yoga business to the next level.
Over 8 juicy modules, we’ll work through visibility and pricing blocks and barriers, create branding and communication clarity, establish great boundaries as well as business systems and structures and a bunch more.
You’ll also be part of a truly high vibrational group of colleagues who are also really going for it in their Yoga businesses, whether they are moving from hobbyist to business owner, or part-time teacher to full-time Yoga-prenuer, or from the studio and to the world!
Here is what one of my gorgeous Yogini teachers and Growing Your Yoga Business participants had to say about her involvement in the program:

Emma Deery.png

Get all the details and secure your place at www.amymcdonald.com.au/growingyouryogabiz