One of my favourite themes to teach in class is complementary forces. Yoga is full of them, right?

Darkness and light. Masculine and feminine. Good and evil. Up and down. In and out.

Some people even refer to the Hatha in Hatha Yoga as representing the complimentary forces 'sun' and 'moon' (I don't, but that is a topic for a future weekly call ;)

In this week's call I spoke specifically about the complimentary forces 'struggle' and 'progress'. As with all of these pairs, we can be at either end of this spectrum or somewhere in the middle. We are moving between the two all of the time.

So how can we choose to stay more in the progress end in our businesses, relationships and wellbeing?

And why might we be actually choosing to stay in the struggle end unnecessarily?

All this and more in this week's call!

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