I jokingly call LA my 'spiritual home'. Honestly, I feel like a kid in the candy store every time I'm here. So much YOGA!

Also for me right now I'm speaking with bunches of Yoga teachers in this community in complementary coaching calls. So far I've coached about 50 folks and I'm absolutely loving it.

But I realised that I've been a bit selfish.

I've been holding back on you. I've been keeping all the good news, success stories and inspiration to myself!


So today I made up for it with our Abundant Yoga Teacher Weekly Call.

PS: One of the things that these four Yoga teachers have in common is taking themselves seriously as business owners. This shows up in their income, student attendance, confidence and visibility online.

Another thing they all have in common is they are graduates of the Growing Your Yoga Business program.

Growing Your Yoga Business is an in-depth, 4-month Yoga business training program where you'll learn the mindset AND the nuts and bolts pieces to become an abundant Yoga business owner.