This coming January I'll be packing my carry on with my magical toolkit and taking myself overseas for my 10th international Yoga teacher retreat.

Over the past 9 years I've taught in many counties to all sorts of different people. From Yoga teachers to Tibetan nuns. From friendly, high-vibe colleagues to bitches and snarky ex's (yes, really).

I've learnt SO much: most from my mistakes.

What sort of mistake?

Ah... this poster will give you a sense of them!

This week on the podcast I'm going to go 'story teller' mode: all the juicy f*ck ups I made on retreats, how I've developed my spidey senses to pick out a weirdo and REFUND her before its too late (I can share how to do it!) and a bunch of other fun yarns so you can AVOID all the retreat clangers I made!

We are going live NOW

Be there live for a super special announcement (as well as the most candid behind the scenes stories you're going to get... and from Amy that is REALLY saying something!!)

PS: I have FOUR places remaining on the Abundant Yoga Teacher Retreat (Tier 2).

Here is the link to learn more about it:

After teaching 9 international Retreats I have developed the experience and insight to create a powerful space for Yoga teachers to come together for learning, reflection and transformation.

This coming Retreat is going to be even more potent.

I am already planning out our theme (think Adiyogi... Ooohhhhh).

Here is the link to learn more:

And if you are interested but have questions for me first, please just reply to this email and well set up a time to talk. I promise: there are NO silly questions.

I'd love to see you in Thailand. (And remember there are 4 spots left.)

xo Amy