Last week I had a slew of toxic FB messages (literally 25 in 20 minutes) about being a sell out and 'a-spiritual' because I make money from Yoga. It was REALLY intense.

Personal, poisonous and it really took me out of the game...

...for about five minutes.

I get it. A bunch of folks in the Yoga industry have some pretty snarky baggage when it comes to having money and teaching Yoga. I used to be one of them - REALLY.

These days I've done  fair amount of soul searching, reading, studying, coaching and meditating and I feel that money - as a source of energy (prana) - isn't a bad thing in and of itself.

Crappy people do crappy things with money.

Awesome people do awesome things with money.

The money itself doesn't have an energetic charge.

Because I've done the work, when I get a string of toxic messages, hate email or a heckler in a workshop a quick handstand or a nadi shodhana break will snap me out of it.

But what about you?

How do you feel about Yoga and money?

On the Weekly Call I've invited my gorgeous colleague, Kristen Sweeney, to join me to talk on this topic. Kristen had a bunch of great tips (and a freebie) that she shared. We definitely had a cracker of a conversation.

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