Want to know the BIGGEST mistake I see Yoga teachers making when they are looking to fill up their teacher trainings, retreats and 1:1 classes?
Not enough preparation.
Now, I’m not talking marketing.
I’m not talking about planning the agenda, choosing the venue or planning out the pricing system.
I’m talking about preparing your Sangha by growing your numbers to fill your high end offers.
In sales, it’s called a ‘funnel’.
And I’m going to give you a 45-minute training live for this week’s podcast!

PS: We are in day 2 of the Abundant Yoga Teacher Retreat here in Thailand.

And we’re having a BLAST!!!
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In fact, we are having such a great time I’m putting things in place for our 2019 retreat.
We are hashing out the dates ATM but it’s going to be January and there will be a cray-cray good Super Early Bird rate.
If you’d like a heads up BEFORE I send out an email to everyone, send me an email back and I’ll put you on the ‘pre-invitation’ list!
Xo Amy