I remember the day in my corporate job when I KNEW it was time to leave.
I was hosting a meeting with some important folks from out of town. The meeting room I had booked was still full of people, running overtime.
I popped my head in the door, gently reminded them of the time and asked them to finish up.
Afterwards, the host of the late meeting came to see me.
‘Amy, I was really surprised by your behaviour today.’
‘Oh? Why is that’ I replied.
‘Well, couldn’t you just wait for us to finish? Did you have to ask us to leave?’
‘Yes. I did.’
‘Gee, Amy. I thought you were a Yoga teacher’ – she paused and looked down her nose at me – ‘I thought you’ve be more ZEN.’
I mean, ARGH on SOOOO many levels!!!
These sorts of judgements about what Yoga is and what it means to be a Yogi drive me WILD.
What about you?
Have you ever been called ‘too intense’?
Or that you were too bold, clear, intentional or passionate?
That you should ‘chillax’?
This week on the podcast I want to reclaim ferocity in Yoga. It’s TIME!!!


PS: Speaking of FIERCE… The women who joined me on the Abundant Yoga Teacher Retreat have headed home to their SEVEN countries more emboldened, confident and ready to fiercely serve!
We’ve had a powerful week of retreat, rest, renewal and reignition!

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