Here’s the deal…

I’ve created two special bundles to help you grow your business through the holidays. I’m offering my best short courses over the next two weeks for up to 75% off.

Yup. You heard it. 75% off!!

There are two bundles. Ready to check them out?


If I had a ‘classic’ range, this would be it! The Path to Abundance is a 6-part home study wealth consciousness course designed for fierce and feminine spiritual seekers. Over the course of the 6 workbooks and audio trainings you’ll receive the support to:

·      Identify and address your money story, lack consciousness and non-serving abundance beliefs (because it's time to shift from Sadhu to Devi, Gorgeous!)

·      Be your true fierce and feminine spiritual seeker who celebrates her full life with inner and outer abundance, knowing that material wealth is an essential component of your embodied practice. 

Previously the Path to Abundance sold for $495. Learn more about it here.

Using Yoga deities as our guides, this program is about reclaiming what it means to be feminine, how to draw on your encoded feminine qualities to Shakti-supercharge your life and biz. Specifically, you’ll be supported to:

·      Trust your inner wisdom and connect with your intuition (because it is in there!)

·      Rediscover the real you, stepping out of rules and conditioning that no longer fit or serve

·      Enjoy embodiment practices like Yoga and conscious movement to reconnect to your physical self, the conduit for your own sacred feminine

·      Bring forth your sacred feminine in a way that celebrates your identity, sexual orientation, appearance and way in the world

Previously the Whole Woman Program sold for $397. Learn more about it here.

Give me Biz Bundle #1:

The Path to Abundance and The Whole Woman

for $200 AUD!

Make a great choice for yourself: there are NO REFUNDS for this offer.



Over the 4-part training you’ll learn how to create, fill and hold virtual retreats to generate community, build trust and share your gifts in an expansive and enriching way. Implementing this training in your Biz, you’ll be able to:

  • Launch, fill, hold and sell your virtual retreats with clear ready-to-use templates and guidance from me. 
  • Convert your virtual retreats into ongoing income streams and offers for your community so you can switch working time for money to a more effective, supportive way of being.
  • Reclaim YOU time... hint: I ran many of my virtual retreats in my PJs from my sofa without anyone knowing a thing!

Your Powerful Virtual Retreats previously sold for $200. Learn more about it here.

Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 7.40.21 AM.png

This is THE home study course if you know your website is just not up to snuff. In the four-part self-guided program you’ll receive the info you’ll learn:

  • The essential web pages you need to grow your business without keeping you stuck behind a computer writing endless blogs and other non-money-making activities!
  • What NOT to do so your site isn't a clutter of bits and pieces with no clear direction for your potential students to sign up to work with you.
  • How to format your webpages so your students and potential clients take action where you desire them to and are engaged to read what you've written!
  • How and where to link your newsletter opt-in or free gift to your website so people sign up to receive your offers into the future.
  • How to write compelling sales copy that invites your students to come on your retreats and workshops in a way that feels authentic, grounded AND really inspiring so you're never feeling icky about 'making a sale'.
  • What the 'look and feel' of your Yoga biz is, why it matters and how to infuse it through out your website so people instantly recognise YOU in your online presence.
  • How to incorporate online payments into your site so you're students can easily sign up for your offers, paying you instantly and ensuring convenience for you AND them!
  • Why photos of yourself on your website are essential for creating rapport, building trust and generating abundance... and how to be comfortable and confident in having your photo taken!

Your Perfect Yoga Website previously sold for $200. Learn more about it here.


Your Powerful Virtual Retreats and Your Perfect Yoga Website

FOR $200 AUD!

Make a great choice for yourself: there are NO REFUNDS for this offer.





$350 AUD



The Path to Abundance AND THe Whole Woman


FOR $350 AUD!

Make a great choice for yourself: there are NO REFUNDS for this offer.