The Business of Yoga Speaker Series


Please make sure you read and understand the terms of the Guest Speaker Agreement outlined below.  

Before you start completing the form below, you will need to have:

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Terms and Conditions of Participation in the Business of Yoga Speaker Series

By acknowledging and indicating your agreement below, or continuing to participate as a Guest Speaker at Business of Yoga Speaker Series (BOYSS), you are agreeing to the following terms: 

General Terms

  • You will participate in a 60 minutes presentation for BOYSS (Interview), comprising of original content in a Q&A style session.

  • You will inform the Organiser at least 2 weeks prior to the Interview date, if you want to request that participants submit questions prior to recording of the Interview. Note that this does not guarantee that questions will be submitted, nor does it release you from the obligation to answer any questions on the day.

  • The Interview will be recorded by the Organiser, BOYSS or any assisting third parties (Recording).

  • You may do a soft call to action, no hard selling. If you intend to present an offer, you must inform the Organiser at the time of agreeing to participate. The presentation of any such offers or solicitation is subject to the Organiser’s agreement.

  • The Organiser and BOYSS will provide the back-end coordination and production of [short form], including: conference calls lines, recording, email reminders to participants, etc.

  • Any variations to this agreement will be made in writing between the parties.


  • You agree to participate in the Interview at no charge to the Organiser, BOYSS or any associated entities and will not request compensation in the future.

Supplementary Material

  • You acknowledge that the Recording may be included in further programs by the Organiser or BOYSS as supplementary material, which may not be directly related to this specific BOYSS event.

  • If the Recording is used in supplementary material, the Organiser will provide your name, website, and any call to action that you’ve provided.

  • If you DO NOT wish to have this call used as supplementary material for future, you must indicate accordingly below.

Intellectual Property

  • Any material used in the Interview is and remains yours alone.

  • The Organiser and BOYSS owns the Recording and transcripts of the Interview.

  • The Organiser agrees to allow you to distribute of the Recording without compensation to the Organiser or BOYSS, subject to the following conditions:

    • the Recording must be accompanied by appropriate attribution to the Organiser and BOYSS, including a direct link to

  • The Organiser will have full editorial control over the way in which the Recording, the Organiser BOYSS are referred to.

  • The Recording must not be sold by you for any amount, in part or in whole.

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