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Reality check: strong, consistent and inspiring social media content

is an essential part of any successful Yoga business.


Consistent, planned and scheduled

Building a following to attract customers requires ongoing, daily social media content sharing. If you’re not posting consistently, or only posting when you’re actively marketing, you’re missing out on opportunities to share your love for Yoga with the people who really need it.

When your content is planned and scheduled in advance, you’ll have the perfect blend of promotions AND valuable teachings so you always feel like you’re in service as you offer your classes, workshops and events.


Branding and design curated to celebrate and enhance your biz.

Meaningful posts that support your students and community, with images that build brand-recognition and rapport.

If your Instagram feed is a shot-show… your biz suffers.

If your FB page boring you’re missing out on connecting with future students.


Expert, Yoga-focussed know-how

Don’t hire someone to manage your social media content who doesn’t understand Yoga and may not be fluent in your language (let alone have the skills to write in a way that sounds like you.).

Social media IS important and people ARE looking for you there. So hire well. Hire me: part of your industry with over 8 years of social media in business experience.


Facebook and Instagram content creation in advance that is relevant, tailored & authentic

Have ME do YOUR Facebook and Instagram.

How It Works

When you sign up to be a ‘done-for-you social media’ client, you will receive:

  • 5 Instagram posts scheduled per week

  • 5 Facebook business page posts scheduled per week.

I’ll craft comments that match YOUR voice

I’ll use hashtags that will be attractive to YOUR local audience

I’ll create posts that support YOUR message

I’ll tastefully and authentically create promotional content that YOU feel good about

I’ll augment your photos and images with high-vibrational stock photos

I’ll edit and adjust your photos so they best fit YOUR brand and lift your online presence

I’ll search for shareable content that positions YOU as a professional and informed teacher

Essentially, your baseline Facebook and Instagram posting content will be handled by an expert - me - each and every week.

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Never again worry about:

What to say

How to create great images

Finding the balance between sales and service

Being consistent

Creating posts that are meaningful

Having social media consume your LIFE!

‘Compare and despair’ with your peers

What on earth a hashtag is!

Being engaging even if you’re an introvert!



Hire me to create your Facebook and Instagram posts for a monthly fee of $349 AUD

(approx. $234 USD or £192) per month



If this might be the solution for you, please complete this short form to register your interest.

Please note, I’m obsessed with growing Yoga businesses and ONLY interested in working with clients who are prepared to collaborate and stretch, co-creating strong Yoga brands that are deeply in service to their communities while being wildly personally rewarding.

In other words, don’t apply if you’re not serious!

('I’m taking a max of ten clients only, and we will commence in November.)

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