Here are the details for your training:

Time: Thursday, August 25th at 10am London time
To attend via the web, visit:
To attend by phone, call (01) 437 3235 (Ireland) or 020 3151 1990 (U.K.)
And use Pin Code: 510326#

You'll receive a reminder or two from me to make sure you don't miss us live.


As well as the training, there will also be time on our call for lots of Q&A, so if you have Yoga biz questions, get them ready, because I'd love to support you in generating abundance on your biz!


Before I leave you today, I'd love to share with you a special in-person training coming up soon...

  • Imagine knowing exactly what to do to attract more students to your classes so you don't feel like you're endlessly hustling!

  • Imagine putting the systems in place so that people could find you and sign up so you can focus more on class prep and your own practice.

  • Imagine feeling totally clear on your pricing structure, knowing that it is fair and reflective of your real value so you can confidently share and fill your one-on-one classes, workshops and events.

  • Imagine refining what you offer so you really stand out as a leader in your field so that you never worry about flooded markets or the 'next best thing' again.

  • Imagine making a more consistent income so you can plan your professional development and selfcare (let alone groceries!) as well as share your prosperity with causes and communities you really believe in.