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This affiliate program is for people who value the work that I have to share and truly believe that it is worth passing on to others. If you've been a part of one of my programs, events or packages in the past and have benefitted from the experience, I'd love to have you share GYYB with your people.

For everyone who signs up after hearing about it from you, we will send you $200 AUD (via paypal once the registration period has closed).

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Affiliate bonuses

In addition to your affiliate payments, there are even more benefits to being a superstar affiliate! Get sharing with your link and you can earn the following amazing bonuses (on top of your $200 commission payment for every conversion!):

When 3 people sign up with your link you will also receive a 3-hour coaching intensive with Amy - valued at $850

In this session you and Amy will work together in a half-day (3-hour) intensive to:

  • Clarify the true level of abundance you desire from your Yoga biz and create a super-simple and do-able plan to achieve it.

  • Eliminate the Chaya (shadow) in your pricing, scheduling and class offerings so your business model makes sense and is in alignment with your desired lifestyle.

  • Determine the two best social media platforms for your business so you’re not spreading yourself too thin and can show up in a confident and empowered way online.

  • Map out your messaging and marketing so you’re clear on what to do and how to do it to attract the perfect students to your unique offerings.

  • Dissolve blocks and barriers and correct mindset misalignments so you’re actually ready to receive money in your Yoga biz!

When 10 people sign up with your link you will also receive a 6-month private coaching package with Amy valued at $6500.

This is the currently the only way to undertake 6-months of private coaching with Amy! Over 6 potent and supportive months you and Amy can transition your business to:

  • Be more targeted to the people you love to work with, making serving even more rewarding.
  • Have systems in place so that you're growing your client list and promoting your work while you're enjoying life, spending time with loved ones and not feeling stuck behind your computer!
  • Reflect who you truly are, so that your marketing, online presence and copy really feel in alignment who you are and what you value, rather than how you 'think' it should be.
  • Be something you're proud to talk about, where you generate an abundant income that fuels your own journey as a spiritually committed woman.
  • And ALL of this without slipping into overwhelm or freak-out mode!

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I'm writing to you today to tell you about a program I think could really be useful for you.

Growing Your Yoga Business is a 4-month group training program developed specifically for Yoga teachers by Yoga business coach, Amy McDonald. You can learn more about it here: http://www.amymcdonald.com.au/growingyouryogabiz/

I've been part of Amy's community for a while now and I really value the integrity and quality of the content and training she has to share. She is a Yoga teacher herself and really knows what it is like to start from scratch and build a Yoga business as a sole source of income. 

She is frank and funny, and you can tell she also has a true passion for Yoga and helping more of us spread Yoga to the people who really need it. 'More Yoga = Better Planet' is one of her sayings.

'Growing Your Yoga Business' is designed to take people to the next level in their Yoga teaching, whether that is from Yoga Teacher Trainee to Teacher, Yoga hobbyist to Yoga professional or Yoga teacher to abundant Yoga business owner. It is made up of 8 substantive modules, comprising training videos, workbooks and live calls with Amy, that cover the breadth of what it takes to grow your Yoga business. She covers everything from marketing to business systems, class etiquette and boundaries and project planning, pricing and branding.

Here is the link to check it out: http://www.amymcdonald.com.au/growingyouryogabiz/

She is also offering some pretty cool bonuses as well.

I'd be more than happy to chat with you about Amy, the program and why I think you should check it out.




Hey there,

You might have noticed a few things changing in my Yoga teaching lately. Yup, I'm starting to take myself more seriously and treat Yoga teaching like my profession, rather than my hobby. It feels great (and the extra money is nice, too!)

What is the secret?

Well, I've joined a fun community of Yoga teachers convened by Australian Yoga business coach, Amy McDonald. Amy has all sorts of programs to support Yoga teachers to have abundant businesses. They are all clear, totally tailored for us Yogis and fun.

Amy's most popular and comprehensive program is called 'Growing Your Yoga Biz' and I thought you might like to check it out.

Here is the link: http://www.amymcdonald.com.au/growingyouryogabiz/

Essentially it is a 4-month group training program to become an abundant Yoga business owner.

I'd really encourage you to check it out.

Here is the link again: http://www.amymcdonald.com.au/growingyouryogabiz/




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  • Growing Your Yoga Business is an in depth, Yoga-specific business development training program that provides targeted, clear AND fun training to Yoga teachers on exactly how to grow an abundant Yoga business while making the alchemising shift to take their existing Yoga business to its fullest potential. http://www.amymcdonald.com.au/growingyouryogabiz/

  • If you're ready to take your Yoga business to the next level with retreats, workshops and trainings then you need to register for Growing Your Yoga Business. http://www.amymcdonald.com.au/growingyouryogabiz/

  • Growing Your Yoga Business is specifically designed for Yogis. Everything you'll learn is directly relatable to what it means to be a Yoga teacher, what it means to walk a Path with commitment and integrity and what it means to offer something you passionately believe in from the heart, as your spiritual Path AND your source of income. http://www.amymcdonald.com.au/growingyouryogabiz/

  • Growing Your Yoga Business is a business development program especially for you: a Yoga Teacher who is ready to transform into an abundant Yoga Business Owner. http://www.amymcdonald.com.au/growingyouryogabiz/

  • Are you You're ready to take your Yoga business to the next level with retreats, workshops and trainings? Then you need to check out Growing Your Yoga Business. http://www.amymcdonald.com.au/growingyouryogabiz/

  • Growing Your Yoga Business is how I discovered my own brand values and attributes that set me apart from every other Yoga teacher so I let go of comparison-itis for good! http://www.amymcdonald.com.au/growingyouryogabiz/


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