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The Money Mindset of an Abundant Yoga Business Owner

Shifting your mindset from Yoga teacher hobbyist to Yoga business owner

Discovering and dissolving the money mindset blocks and beliefs that are stopping you earning the money you desire

Identifying where are you giving your power away with money (friend discounts, old prices, undercharging) and how to shift it with integrity and grace

Owning where are you being cheap with yourself in business (lack of support, trying to do it all yourself, using systems that don’t work) and making your desired changes

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The Essential Biz Basics You Didn't Get in Teacher Training

Simple structures and systems to track and grow your business without sending you into accounting overwhelm

Policies and procedures, terms and conditions: the Siva container to hold your business safely and with clarity

Manage admin like a champ (it ain’t sexy but it makes ALL the difference!)

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Discovering Your Unique Yoga Brand, Identity and Voice

Teach, share and speak from YOUR sense of Yoga and let go of any fears about being too ‘much’, too ‘spiritual’, too…

Identify the unique characteristics that make you standout and shine in your business so you no longer worry about competition or 'a full market'

Discover your own brand values and attributes that set you apart from every other Yoga teacher so you can let go of comparison-itis for good!

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Owning the Seat of the Teacher with Confidence and Compassion

Understanding your own motivations and patterns: the 6 basic human needs and how they show up in your teaching and Yoga business

Creating perfect etiquette and culture to build community, loyalty and discipline in your Sangha

What you didn’t even know was your Yoga: mastering the challenges of managing difficult people, interactions and conversations

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Credibility and Visibility: the Foundations for Yoga Biz Growth

Overcoming blocks and barriers to finally ‘putting yourself out there’

Discovering what fear, doubt and self-sabotage is all about and how you can begin to work against them to step into your new-found confidence!

Getting it done… well: video, photoshoots, recordings and social media confidence

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Growing Your Yoga Biz Beyond the Basics

Creating great time and energy boundaries so your selfcare and personal practice take a FRONT seat as an essential part of your business growth

Knowing when and what to outsource, delegate or contract so you work in your areas of genius and stop trying to be all things to all people!

Stepping it up: project planning for your first half day workshop, retreat, training or events

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The Yamas of Marketing: Transmuting Selling into Seva

Discovering how to incorporating social media into your business growth plan in a way that is about building relationships with real people, not selling

Mastering email marketing, growing your mailing list and creating newsletters that are inviting, authentic and compelling for your Sangha

Writing copy that actually sounds like you, conveys your message and is EASY to write while inspiring and motivating your students

Feel so confident and in integrity in the services you offer that you LOVE talking about them with your community!

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Taking Flight: Advanced Yoga Biz Asana

Embracing business planning as a tool for clarity and confidence that can be suited exactly to YOUR style

Seeking ongoing support to ensure you stay the course, continue to grow and celebrate your successes

Remembering concealment and revelation to managing setbacks, contractions and downturns as lessons and opportunities for insight and growth