Welcome to the Private Members' Area for Powerful and Prosperous Private Yoga Classes.

Here you'll find the materials for the program.

Please do not share these materials with anyone else.

If you have any problems accessing the materials, please email my fabulous Community Manager, Laura, at laura@amymcdonald.com.au. 


Module 1: Creating Your Offer

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Module 2: Offering your Classes to your Community

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Module 3: Preparing for your Private Classes

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Module 4: Teaching your powerful and prosperous private classes

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My 3-part Private Yoga Class Package system 

Use this to take all the stress out of trying to figure out pricing and packaging by yourself! 

This podcast also discusses this topic.


Marketing email templates

Use these to know exactly what to share with your people to offer your private classes.


Intake template

Tweak my intake template to suit you perfectly!


Sample Terms and Conditions

Use my terms and conditions with your legal advisor to come up with the perfect set for you!


My favourite resource checklist

The exact things I make sure to take along with me to my private classes.