Imagine spending seven days in magical northern Thailand with me showing you how to up-level your heart-centered business.

Imagine recharging your entrepreneurial batteries.

Imagine meeting a group of like-minded folks who will be your new tribe and support system.

Imagine falling back in love with your business and reconnecting to why you are doing it in the first place.

Imagine finally having the clarity you need to break through to the next level of your business. 

Come on retreat with me to experience all this and more from a place of joy, rather than a place of stress. 


Oh, and did I mention there will be Yoga, meditation and the most amazing Thai food you've ever had?


- You are a healer (yoga teacher, life coach, reiki practitioner, massage therapist, aromatherapist, mental health professional, health coach, spiritual teacher, etc.) and have a business that you want to grow.

- You have a hunger for implementation and know that it's up to you to apply what you will learn with me. 

- You are willing to not only fully show up for yourself, but the other people on this retreat so that we can create an environment of love, support, and care for all involved.

- You are not a dabbler or someone who wants to live your dream "someday".   


Our retreat will take place at IWP, the International Women's Centre for Peace and Justice, a hand-built, village-style retreat centre about an hour from Chiang Mai in northern Thailand.

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IWP is a very sacred, special place. 

It is where I enjoyed my very first retreat.

It is where I set my intention to become a Yoga teacher.

It is where I held my very first Yoga retreat.

It is a powerful and transformative place... while being a sanctuary, an immersion in the village culture of Thailand.


Daily yoga classes

Daily meditation and relaxation 

Delicious, wholesome breakfasts, lunches and dinners

The company of other holistic practitioners and Yoga teachers


Daily abundant business workshops

Time and space to implement each afternoon

Time to work with me one-on-one, dissolving blocks and barriers to your business success and growth

Free time to take a bike ride, have Thai massage or simply nap

An Abundant Yoga Teacher Retreat is unlike any other form of business growth program you can imagine.


Instead, it is a deep, nurturing and supportive wellbeing retreat where we come together each day to bring forth your business best, from a place of rest, openness and contemplation.


Our daily meditation and journalling will be designed to rekindle your passion for your practice and craft, as well as draw forth inspiration, ideas and creativity to grow your business, serve more people and generate abundance.


Our daily Yoga classes will encourage you to dissolve blocks and barriers to abundance, from conditioning to self-abandoning and limiting self-belief.


In our abundant business workshops you'll receive the information and guidance you need without being bothered by details that won't support your growth. All of our activities will be directly applicable: and there will be time to mastermind, share and implement together, too.


1. A steady, clear foundation:

  • Clarity on your current yoga or holistic business, what you love and what needs more loving attention.

  • Your desired business model: scoped, defined and clear about your services and offerings.

  • A business plan for growth, greater service and abundance over the following 90-days.


2. Your 'stand out' brand:

  • Certainty on your ideal clients, who and how you wish to serve.

  • Your brand identity: authenticity AND uniqueness so you never feel pressure to compete.

  • Tips and techniques to generate professional looking (and sounding!) collateral without the big cost.


3. Marketing confidence:

  • A readiness to really 'put yourself out there' in your marketing material (and get out of hiding!).

  • A concise, 'do-able' social media plan to keep your clients and students enthusiastic and loyal without you ever feeling 'salesy'.

  • Systems and structures that keep you out of overwhelm while also raising the energy in your Kula by sharing your news and offerings.


4. A healthy money story:

  • Confidence in pricing your services so you worth is reflected in your rates.

  • A high vibration and magnetism generated through a belief in what you offer and how you conduct your work in the world

  • A transition to abundance consciousness, leaving lack and fear behind!


And of course the benefit of having spent a week on retreat: deep, restful sleep, wholesome vegetarian meals, daily yoga and meditation and gorgeous company all in a picturesque natural environment.

You don't need to be social media savvy to join us. 

You don't need to consider yourself an entrepreneur.

You most certainly don't need to have it all figured out first.

This is an 'all levels' retreat: from your yoga and meditation practice through to your website, pricing and services.

  • 6 Yoga classes

  • 5 Meditation and Relaxation sessions

  • 5 Abundant Business workshop sessions

  • 1 one-on-one private business coaching session with me

  • All meals, from Sunday dinner through to Saturday breakfast

  • All accommodation (in twin or triple share, ashram-style accommodation)

  • Access to bicycles, library, Yoga space and meditation hall during your free time and breaks

  • Land transport from Chiang Mai centre


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Not included:

Airfares (or other transport to and from your home to Chiang Mai)

Travel insurance (a requirement)

Thai massage (which can be arranged in the afternoon spare time for a very modest sum.)


Please note this Abundant Yoga Retreat is not a luxury experience. Our accommodation at IWP is simple, clean, 'ashram-style' with shared rooms and bathrooms.

Our meals are prepared with love and full of local flavour and amazing fresh ingredients.

Our workshop Sala is set among rice fields. Our guest house is hand-built rammed earth.

You'll fall asleep to the sounds of geckos and crickets, and wake to the sounds of birds. 


The Abundant Yoga Retreat is a very special business and Yoga retreat.

The investment to join us is $1997 AUD

(approx. $1530 USD)



Please note that there are terms and conditions regarding your registration in this retreat. You can read those here.

I have been fortunate to have experienced a few of Amy’s retreats and from the moment I arrived I felt blessed to be there. I would definitely recommend taking the time to give yourself the wonderful gift of one of Amy’s retreats.
— Stephanie Horsburgh, Melbourne
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Amy doesn’t waste a minute and neither will you. If you’re ready to look your business squarely and lovingly in the eye, and make the changes necessary to transform it into a prosperous, effective, and joyful vehicle for your ideas and energy, Amy will offer you invaluable support, guidance, and inspiration!
— Kate Chadbourne, Poet, Circle Leader and Founder of, USA

Spend seven days and six nights at my favourite retreat centre in the world, eating amazing organic meals, practicing yoga and meditation, reflecting, learning with a group of like-minded souls and really taking time for you!

And enjoy my support and guidance to map out the business you truly desire to offer to your community: refining your message, services, marketing and pricing once and for all.


If you know that you are meant for more but you never find the time to recalibrate and think clearly...

If you're scared that the busy-ness and overwhelm of running your business might dilute (or destroy) the passion for your craft...

If you're just not the type to invest in a business course (but know you need the skills)...

Then I'm ready to invite you in to the special sanctuary in northern Thailand and guide you into a fuller, more grounded and more abundant version of yourself as a holistic business owner.



It's true: not all retreats are the right fit for everybody.

If you'd like to speak with me privately about this retreat and discover if it is the right fit for you, please send me an email and we can set up a time to talk.

My intention for this retreat is that the perfect collection of Yoga teachers and holistic practitioners gather to really receive the greatest benefit from the retreat, my coaching and each others' company. So I am totally available to help you decide if this is for you.

Email me at