Here's how you can get the BOYSS interviews in video and audio format to enjoy again at your leisure.


If you are a bit of a Yoga nerd like me (I have a t-shirt confirming this - check out my Instagram!), allow me to do a little bit of shameless name dropping.. Annie Carpenter, Simon Borg-Oliver, Jennie Lee, Phil Goldberg, Laura Burkhart, Kia Miller, Stephanie Snyder, Dianne Bondy. Interested in how they navigated through the highs and lows of their life and Yoga journey?  

Well, you can also get yourself a bundle of all three previous Business of Yoga Speaker Series for $17 each too.  Yep, get the whole collection of interviews in video and audio form - Yoga knowledge anytime, anywhere.  There are some serious Yoga experts in the mix - including Rod Stryker, Rudy Mettia, Alex Vitty and Kavita Chandran and a few more.