Does writing for your Yoga biz terrify you?

Are you afraid of the blank page?

Have you got great ideas but you struggle to articulate them?

Do you worry that your emails are salesy despite your intention to be in service?

Does your website feel a bit beige when you know your Yoga is anything but!??


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Feel confident to convey your message &

what you have to offer without feeling like you need to use icky, salesy spin and fear-based marketing manipulation.

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Share your authentic

LOVE of Yoga &

inspire your students through story and allegory to bring more of these important teachings into their own lives and the lives of their families and communities.

Become a confident Yoga writer in your biz and:

  • Stop wasting time and second guessing and start sharing!

  • Stop repelling and start attracting!

  • Stop waffling and being boring and start engaging!

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Learn the difference between Shiva-encoded language and Shakti-encoded language so you're using the right words for the right students, appealing to the people you LOVE to see in your classes, workshops and retreats!

Discover the importance of ‘writing native’, so you can confidently convey your message across Facebook, Instagram, email, website and in-print collateral knowing the insider tips and tricks for each platform so you can clearly share your offerings, trainings and events with the people who really want to know about them!

Understand the 4 essential ways to convey your core message so you're reaching all of your potential students in a way that resonates for them and their preferred communication style and you never feel fearful of being boring or repetitive. 

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Your writing can be powerful for your students, you AND your business.

You just need a little know-how!

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Writing from the Heart for your Yoga biz

A new 4-part home study program where you will learn the professional tips and tricks to convey your powerful message to magnetise your ideal clients and students.


In this 4-module program I'll share with you the difference between fear-based marketing and love-based writing, crafting emails, web copy, fliers, postcards, blog posts and articles that feel good to write AND entice your students to work with you.

Next to Yoga, writing is one of my most favourite things to do.

I’ve hosted writing and editing trainings, writing for the web weekend workshops, grant writing tutorials… I even used to teach people how to write their resumes. And did I mention I worked as an editor for a romance novel publishing house?

Yup. I love to write.

But while I’ve always loved to write, I wasn’t always good at it. In fact, I spent three years in tertiary education honing my editing and copywriting skills. And that’s before I embarked on a 5 year (and counting) internet marketing study course.

And here’s the thing: NONE of this training had even the whiff of Yoga to it. None.

So I’m BEYOND delighted to launch this brand new training bringing two of my great loves together: writing and Yoga.


If you find yourself:

  • Stuck for things to share in your newsletters

  • Not sure what to post on Facebook compared to Instagram

  • Struggling to create a compelling webpage for your retreat that magnetises the perfect students

  • Out of your depth creating handouts and training materials for your TTs and professional development trainings

  • Facing yet another rejection from Yoga Journal because your article STILL wasn’t quite right

  • Avoiding writing to your students because you feel icky asking them AGAIN to come to class

  • Writing like someone else because you’re not sure of your own authentic voice…

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Writing from the Heart for your Yoga biz


As you work through the course we’ll journey through the specifics of writing for:

  • Your newsletters

  • Email marketing

  • Websites

  • Facebook  - posts AND ads!

  • Instagram - comments AND your bio

  • Print material including fliers, postcards and pamphlets

And as a super exciting bonus, when you enrol in Writing With Confidence, you’ll also get access to very cool bonuses!

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Writing for Teacher Training Manuals and Materials
With Yoga Editor Virginia Hill

If you are planning (or improving) a Yoga Teacher Training, you'll LOVE this bonus training with Teacher Training Manual Editor, Virginia Hill.

Plus in this live training you’ll also be able to ask Virginia all of your YTT writing questions as well as hear her top always dos and always avoids so you’re Yoga teacher training writing is as compelling as how yo (1).jpg
Your (1).jpg

Writing from the Heart for your Yoga Biz is comprised of four modules. Over our Yoga writing journey together you’ll discover:

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  • {Understand why mainstream marketing feels icky and how you can transcend it to share your message with LOVE}

  • {Learn how to identify and name what your students need and how you can support them without making them feel inadequate or 'less than'}

  • {Discover the power of mindful language, writing like the light worker and Yogi that you are!}

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  • {Master the three-step process to convey your message authentically and with enthusiasm with ZERO fear of rejection!}

  • {Discover how to capture YOUR voice so people can feel connected to you and know deeply that you are the right teacher for them.}

  • {Stop writer's block in its tracks and kill self-sabotage so you are available to call in the right students and clients for you.}

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  • {Play with the power of sharing the stories and archetypes of Yoga to build your brand and boost the Prana of your message}

  • {Discover how to sequence your personal story and feel confident sharing it so inspire and motivate your students and community.}

  • {Learn my 4-part email process to share the same story in different ways, speaking and connecting with more people while staying inspired and energised about your own writing.}

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  • {Receive the logical steps to clear, engaging and confident writing across the web, print and social media}

  • {TEMPLATES TEMPLATES TEMPLATES! Yes, you'll get the 'fill in the blanks' resources to get going writing confidently and from the heart FAST!}

  • {Discover how to use the same writing again and again, saving you time while staying fresh and motivational.}



If you became a Yoga teacher because you simply HAD to share more Yoga with more people, then writing clearly and confidently about Yoga is an essential skill to develop.

Writing from the Heart will give you the confidence you are looking for to share your message without feeling fake, cheesy, lost for words or sounding like someone else.

Sound good?

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Your investment to register for this program is only:


$200 AUD

(approx. $150 USD or £115)


In your program you’ll receive:

  • 4 video training recordings – your #yoganerd writing mentor – where I’ll share with you all that I know about writing confidently, conveying your message clearly, using the right (writing) tool for the right task and more!

  • 4 juicy workbooks covering the key themes of writing confidently for Yoga so you can practice what you learn and hone your skills during the program

  • 1 juicy bonus:  with leading Yoga writing and editing expert who eats, sleeps and breathe Yoga writing!

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If you know your class numbers are suffering or your retreats and workshops are undersubscribed because your website is BORING, OLD or maybe even NON-EXISTENT... 

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is what you need!