Are you struggling for students? Hustling to fill your workshops and retreats? Overwhelmed with paperwork?


Maybe your Yoga website letting you down...


A confident, magnetic website should feel like your online studio: a professional and familiar space where your students are warmly welcomed, feel at home and are lovingly instructed what to do and where to go.

Does yours?


Hi, I'm Amy.

I'm a Yoga Teacher and a Yoga Biz Coach.

I talk to Yoga teachers all over the world who can't understand why they aren't attracting the students and clients they know they are meant to serve.

Here's the thing: unless you have a magnetic, authentic and confident website, you'll stay struggling.


These days it's simply not possible to have an Abundant Yoga Business without a compelling, powerful online presence. And yet so many Yoga teachers I speak with have websites they know are terrible (read: 'website shame') or are trying to grow a business without a website at all (read: 'website denial')!!



Imagine feeling confident in your own online presence...

Imagine having a beautiful, clear place to offer your classes, workshops and retreats...

Imagine knowing exactly what to say about your business AND yourself as a teacher while feeling authentic and grounded...

Imagine letting go of those visibility issues that are keeping you hiding from the online world once and for all!


If you're ready to call in the students who want what you have to offer, fill your classes and retreats and not only feel confident online but on brand and authentic...


So many Yoga teachers wonder why they aren't attracting the students they desire to their classes, workshops and retreats. After all, they're online... they've got a Facebook page... That's enough... right?

Nope. Not right.

If you're:

  • Using Facebook as a website (& your ONLY online presence)

  • Relying on your grandson / nephew / neighbour to update your website when they get a spare (rare) moment

  • Buying old (and obvious!) stock photos to use on your site

  • Terrified about 'getting online' 

  • Embarrassed about your dusty old website so you don't advertise it

  • No idea about your brand but think you need to find out (hint: that's NOT your logo!)

  • Think you're too 'tech-phobic' to ever manage your own site

  • Know you can't afford to spend heaps of money getting an expert to build you something flashy

  • Just not confident about writing for the web (or worse, you think its the same as writing for old media...)


...You're in luck. I've prepared just the thing for you!



In this 4-part home study program you'll learn:

  • The essential web pages you need to grow your business without keeping you stuck behind a computer writing endless blogs and other non-money-making activities!

  • What NOT to do so your site isn't a clutter of bits and pieces with no clear direction for your potential students to sign up to work with you.

  • How to format your webpages so your students and potential clients take action where you desire them to and are engaged to read what you've written!

  • How and where to link your newsletter opt-in or free gift to your website so people sign up to receive your offers into the future.

  • How to write compelling sales copy that invites your students to come on your retreats and workshops in a way that feels authentic, grounded AND really inspiring so you're never feeling icky about 'making a sale'.

  • What the 'look and feel' of your Yoga biz is, why it matters and how to infuse it through out your website so people instantly recognise YOU in your online presence.

  • How to incorporate online payments into your site so you're students can easily sign up for your offers, paying you instantly and ensuring convenience for you AND them!

  • Why photos of yourself on your website are essential for creating rapport, building trust and generating abundance... and how to be comfortable and confident in having your photo taken!



This program is for you if:

You know your class numbers are suffering or your retreats and workshops are undersubscribed because your website is BORING, OLD or maybe even NON-EXISTENT.

You know it's actually way past time to overhaul or create a website but you've been overwhelmed about knowing where to start (Pay someone or do it yourself? What URL to buy? What software to use? etc).

You are prepared to roll up your sleeves and give things a go, using all of my straight-to-the-point simple techniques I use (a former technophobe) to create MY OWN Yoga website.

You like the idea of embarking on this 'visibility challenge', putting yourself out there in the online world, with a group of other Yoga teachers facing the same fears and concerns as you!


With Amy’s guidance I have been improving my Yoga business website, making it cleaner, clearer, professional. Amy’s advice is always down to earth, highly practical and supportive
— Karen Buckland, Yoga Teacher and Reiki Healer, Australia
Amy helped me to find the confidence to trust that I was more than capable of creating my own website for my business. The knowledge gained from my time with Amy has been awesome and I was also able to help my husband set up his first website too!!
— Nicole Shields, Yoga Teacher, Australia
I would NEVER have thought making my own website was possible without the step by step process taught by Amy. I can now see that growing your own business would be almost impossible without a decent website
— Emma Ryan, Yoga Teacher, Singapore

Over the four modules of this home study program you’ll discover:


Establishing your webpage

Learn how to choose the right website builder so you feel CONFIDENT & IN CONTROL creating an 'online studio' that looks and feels just like you.

Discover how to choose the perfect URL (webpage address) for you and your Yoga so people can find you quickly and easily and you’re not ‘lost in the Yoga crowd’.  


Creating the container

Discover the 5 MUST-HAVE PAGES any Yoga website needs to make sure you’re clearly communicating exactly what your prospective students and clients need (& not confusing them with webpage chitta vritti!) 

Understand how writing for the web is TOTALLY different from other writing and what you need to know to write compelling, modern copy that sounds just like you AND translates perfectly to the online world without over thinking it or feeling like you're trying to be someone else. 


Authenticity, you and your site

Get clear on your Yoga brand, including the colours, images and fonts so your new students recognise you every time they see you: in their inbox, on their Facebook newsfeed, or anywhere else online. 

Discover how to source gorgeous photos to use on your site that perfectly match your brand AND your budget so not only does it feel better for your Sangha, it’s much easier to maintain.


Offering from the heart

Learn how to make larger offers online to your community that speak to people on an emotional level, conveying the heart-felt value of your workshops, events and retreats. 

Understand how to create the online container to receive payments from your community so you can streamline your systems and administration (hint: it’s time to stop sending out your bank account details to everyone!) and reclaim your time!


Each of these topics will be supported with a recorded training call where I’ll guide you into the material in depth.

I’ll be sharing what you need to know ‘sutra style’, so no padding or unnecessary stuff from me.

The recordings are fully downloadable so you can save them to your yoga professional development library and revisit them whenever you choose!



As well as the in-depth training recording, for each module you’ll also receive an ‘all action, no fluff’ workbook so you can develop your own content as we go, meaning you don't need to try and figure it out alone.

I've filled these workbooks with wisdom from creating my own websites that have generated abundance in my own businesses. 

I've also included checklists and tips that I've shared with many business owners through my experience as a trainer in writing for the web.


The 4 workbooks you'll receive in this program are specifically designed for you to pick it up and use straight away in your own business. (Because wouldn't you prefer to be on your mat than at your computer?)


Please note: this program is designed to teach you the what action you need to take to create a gorgeous website for your Yoga biz. You taking action, being proactive and researching the technical specifics for your area and your needs is required. For example, if you decide to purchase a new URL or sign up for a new web software you will make those decisions and cover those costs yourself.

Amy helped me to streamline both my websites so that both my Yogi career and DJ career which merge from time to time are clear and distinct, so that both have become passive revenue streams and more engaging with my students and listeners.
— Selena Isles, Yoga Teacher and Yoga DJ, Canada
Amy’s website course has an amazing content section, and the ‘Sales Page Line by Line’ is worth the cost of the program alone! I put my whole self in and was totally fearless! Plus, owning who I am and what I stand for in my field feels sooooo good!
— Kristina MacPherson, Yoga Teacher, United States
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I purchased Amy’s home study course ‘Your Perfect Yoga Website’ and it is pretty awesome. I didn’t even know where to begin and now I know the steps I need to take to get this done. Amy lays it all out logically and makes the process very accessible and not so scary. If you are needing to design a website, get this course!
— Marg Pedroza, Yoga Teacher, United States

In addition to 4 recorded audio trainings and 4 substantive workbooks, you’ll also receive:



Your investment to receive all of the components of this comprehensive home study program is only


$200 AUD

(approx. $150 USD or £113)


If you know your class numbers are suffering or your retreats and workshops are undersubscribed because your website is BORING, OLD or maybe even NON-EXISTENT... I’d strongly encourage you to register for this program now.

Let's do this!