To participate fully in this mini retreat, you'll need your journal and a pen and whatever cushion or yoga mat combination will make you feel comfortable for seated meditation and relaxation.

If you enjoy this 90-minute mini Abundant Yoga Teacher Retreat, you'll LOVE the Abundant Yoga Teacher Retreat in Thailand in October.

Please note that there are just TWO WEEKS remaining to access the Early Bird registration for this special event.


So if you have been thinking about joining me and a group of amazing women all ready to up-level in their Yoga businesses, while also resting, rejuvenating, collaborating and remembering their own selfcare and loving boundaries, then NOW IS THE TIME to save your place.


An Abundant Yoga Teacher Retreat is unlike any other form of business growth program you can imagine.

Instead, it is a deep, nurturing and supportive wellbeing retreat where we come together each day to bring forth your business best, from a place of rest, openness and contemplation.

It is a dedicated week to take a strong stand for your talents and gifts, passions and vocation AND your abundance.

Women from all over the world have already heard this call and taken their place.
These women are ready to finally take themselves seriously in their businesses, ready to generate more abundance and have a greater impact in their communities and the students they serve.

No, these women may not have a goal to make millions. But the truth is, if you are not taken care of, if you are not prospering, there’s no way that you can show up for your students and there’s no way that you are going to contribute to the world in a way you know you're called to.

Register for the Abundant Yoga Teacher Retreat at the Early Bird investment here:

Our morning Yoga and evening meditation will be specifically curated to support you on your path to abundance.

Your farm to table meals will be created super fresh and with love so you'll feel physically nourished as well.

And you'll also have time to deeply connect with the beauty of nature in northern Thailand, and return home restored like never before.


Each full day of your retreat you'll participate in abundant Yoga teacher workshops all about implementable action, meaning there will be no dry and boring theory... just the insights, short cuts and simple techniques to get you:

1. Setting the Foundations
-Getting clear on your current yoga business. 
What do you love? What needs work?
-Defining how your ideal business would look, in terms of student numbers, class types and numbers, desired financial abundance.

2. Standing Out
-Clarifying your authentic voice as a yoga teacher
-How to stand out in a full market place
-Branding in a way that is fun and natural

3. Mastering the class container
-Class pricing that aligns with your service and your ideal students
-Packaging your services to encourage return customers and student loyalty
-The importance of your class 'Kula' (community) and how to strengthen it

4. Marketing like a pro (without feeling 'salesy')
-Online marketing must haves
-How to stay out of social media overwhelm
-Sharing your news

Because we are going to be a small group I'll be tailoring the workshops to exactly what you need in your specific business.

And as a part of your registration you'll also receive a 45 minute coaching session with me to really fine tune what you're learning.

Don't you know it’s time to stop burning out, stop second guessing yourself and stop worrying if it’s spiritual to make an income with your healing practice?

It is time to register for this incredible opportunity and truly open your heart, open your body, and open your life to let abundance in.

If you have questions, or if you would like to register for the final remaining partial scholarship (which takes the investment down to $997 AUD), please email me at

I cannot wait to welcome you on retreat.

With love,