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Here is the replay from our training this morning about the 3 MUST DOs for teaching Powerful and Prosperous Private Yoga Classes.





Do you have the desire to increase the services you offer your students and private classes are the next step for you?

Do you know you are meant to serve certain students in a deeper and more focussed way, so they feel comfortable working with you even though they're not comfortable in larger group classes?

Are you enticed by the idea of teaching private classes but not sure how much to charge or if you even know anyone that would pay that much?

Are you unsure about what to do, what systems you need or how to even structure private classes, so even though your students are asking for them, you're still holding yourself back?

Are you already offering private classes but people just aren't signing up?


Teaching private Yoga classes is a powerful way to support your students on a deeper level, while also calling in abundance for your Yoga business as you share your gifts!

Learn the essential elements to offer, fill and hold supportive, personalised, enjoyable private Yoga classes so you can grow, support and share with your students in a ways that are meaningful for you AND them.

When I first thought of teaching private Yoga I was sure I wouldn't know anyone who would actually be prepared to pay me that much for a 1:1 class.

Maybe they'd pay someone 'famous' or 'good', but not ME... right?


Then when I finally plucked up the confidence to start offering private Yoga I was terrified I wouldn't know what to do.

  • What if they didn't like what I taught them?

  • What if they had some ailment I'd never heard of?

  • What if it was just plain old WEIRD sitting with just one person?


Through trial and error (eek: think teaching a 65 year old farmer where his pelvic floor is...) I not only figured out a great system for offering private classes, I now confidently market them, sell them and deliver them with no drama and loads of reward - for me AND for my students!


Supporting people to heal injuries, gain confidence, develop a personal practice or simply seek out private support time to really feel seen are some of the best parts of being a Yoga teacher.

Offering Private yoga classes is such a beautiful way to do all of these things.



Imagine feeling more confident to:

  • Work with your student's specific health needs and goals without feeling rushed for time or like you're not supporting them fully.

  • Connect with your people so you can watch and celebrate them grow in their practice and love of Yoga.

  • Provide classes to people who aren't comfortable in group settings and really desire and require Yoga in their lives.


And imagine having the confidence to:

  • Market and promote your 1:1 services without feeling like a fraud or that you 'just don't know enough yet'.

  • Charge your worth for tailored, 1:1 attention and sharing of your gifts.

  • Learn even more about Yoga and your teaching by being really present with your clients as you support them.


I'm so excited to announce...

A 4-part telecourse to learn how to offer, fill and teach private yoga classes to more deeply support your students while generating abundance in your Yoga business.


In this 4-part virtual training program you'll learn:

  • The exact steps to take to create a Private Yoga Class offering that enables you to fully share your talents and passions while supporting your students just as they require with my clear ready-to-use templates and guidance from me. 

  • The simple marketing requirements to offer your Private Yoga so you feel authentic and aligned with your people and know that you can connect with the students who need what you have to offer (without ever feeling pushy or salesy!) 

  • How to price your Private Classes to accurately reflect the transformation available to your students when they decide to work with you.

  • How to stay grounded, confident and safe and never find yourself in tricky situations, indulging weird behaviour or thinking 'How on earth do I get myself out of this!?!'


When you register for the program, you'll be all set to receive the four comprehensive Modules of the program, covering:

Creating Your Offer

{The What, Where and How Much of Teaching 1:1s}

Learn how to select the right period of time for your classes so that your students feel fully supported and you have a container that is in service to your offerings.

Discover how to price your private classes to align with what you’re offering and the frequency of what it is your students will receive... because authentic pricing should never feel constrained or overstretched!

Understand the pros and cons of where you host your private classes to create the perfect blend of ease and access for your students and spaciousness in your schedule.


Offering your Classes to your Community

{The Marketing and Promotions Bit!}

Dissolve any blocks or ‘ickiness’ you have around sales by discovering the secret Seva in offering your classes to the people in your community who really need them.

Feel confident and excited in talking, writing and posting about your private classes so the right clients are drawn to you without you ever feeling you need to convince people to ‘buy’ your Yoga.

Explore the right ways to share information about your private classes so your students feel seen and acknowledged and never ‘sold to’.


Preparing for your Private Classes

{Structures and systems to support you AND your students}

Develop terms and conditions for your private classes so that you and your students feel comfortable and certain in the boundaries of working together, which is good for you AND your business.

Craft your perfect student archetype so you are clear about who and where you desire to be of service, and feel comfortable saying no to the people who simply aren’t the right fit for you.

Learn how to plan your private classes so the components make sense, take just the right amount of time, are of deep service to your tribe AND provide you with a generous and heart-felt conduit to talk about your other programs and offerings.


Teaching your powerful and prosperous private classes

{What to do- and what NOT to do! – when you teach!}

Develop an intake system that really supports you to be of deep service to your students and allows them to express their needs, concerns and desires in signing up to work with you privately.

Discover the 3 simple things you can do to create ease for your student, eliminating and distracting ‘weirdness’ from the get go!

Gain the confidence to take the true seat of the teacher, so you’re never thrown off your game with tricky questions, complex injuries or strange student behaviour!


Live 90-minute Group Trainings with Me!

Each of these topics will be supported with a live training call with me that you can access from anywhere in the world via the internet or your phone. During these trainings you'll have time to ask me your questions and I’ll guide you into the material in depth.

As well, I’ll be sharing what you need to know ‘sutra style’, so no padding or unnecessary stuff from me.

The trainings will happen every two weeks giving you just enough time to implement as you learn AND maintain momentum!

Each of the calls will be recorded and the replay recordings are fully downloadable so you can listen in to them again and again and keep them safe in your personal library.

As well as receiving the recordings of the calls in case you need to miss one, you will also be able to send me your questions in advance so I can give you the support you need even if you can't join us live.



As well as the in-depth audio trainings, for each module you’ll also receive an ‘all action, no fluff’ workbook so you can develop your own content as we go, meaning you don't need to try and figure it out alone.

I've filled these workbook with the exact email, website, newsletter and FB post copy I used to fill my own private Yoga classes so you can pick it up and use it straight away in your own business.


In this training you'll receive all of the components you need to create, offer, hold and enjoy powerful, personalised 1:1 yoga classes.

With your action, the program resources and my guidance, by the end of the program it will be possible to have:

Created your own Private Yoga Class Package and shared it online and in social media

Developed your terms and conditions, intake forms and class plans to create a strong and steady container for your classes, giving you the confidence to really step up!

Held your first Private Yoga Class! (and we can debrief what worked and where you might desire to call in new skills and support for yourself.)

Transformed your fear of being 'too much' into a confidence that you can create, offer and fill a highly tailored, warmly received and prosperous income stream in your Yoga business.

(Please note that you may desire to make additional investments to maximise your outcomes from this program. For example, if you choose to boost Facebook posts or use a professional graphic designer you will cover these costs yourself.)


In addition to 4 live training calls and 4 substantive workbooks, you’ll also receive:

  • My 3-part Private Yoga Class Package system so you can take all the stress out of trying to figure out pricing and packaging by yourself! (And you're not left trying to hustle selling on class at a time!)

  • Example emails so you know exactly what to share with your people when you're all ready to offer your first (or first successful!) private package to your Kula.

  • The exact intake templates I use with my clients so you’re set to tweak and go!

  • My comprehensive resource list: the exact websites, people and books I use to plan the components of my Private Classes so you’ll never feel stuck for ideas.


When you register for Powerful & Prosperous Private Classes you receive:

  • 4 90-minute live trainings and QnA sessions with me (all fully recorded and downloadable)

  • 4 Substantive Workbooks that are all action, no fluff!

  • My personal intake form and terms and conditions (tweak and go!)

  • My 3-part Private Package template, making pricing and structuring super simple

  • My complete resource list to fuel your Private Classes creativity!


Your investment to register for this program is only:


$250 AUD

(approx. $190 USD or £156)


If teaching private Yoga classes is something you desire to do - or DO BETTER - and you’d prefer to not figure it out alone, then I’d strongly encourage you to register for this program now.


Registrations close March 31st.

Classes start April, 2017.