Do you have the desire to hold retreats in gorgeous locations like Bali or Tuscany but you’re not sure how to find the right people to invite?

Do you know you are meant to serve a far wider audience than you can reach teaching in studios but you're not sure how to reach them?

Do you desire to have a more location-independent business so you can teach and serve from anywhere while still totally being there for your students?

I've achieved all of these things using Virtual Retreats as the foundation.

In our training together I'm going to share with you exactly the steps I took to:

  • Add 400 people per month to my mailing list

  • Develop info products I could then offer to my list

  • Generate rapport and connections with people all over the world

  • Invite people from my global audience to fill my in-person retreats

  • And more.

Sound good?


Here are the details for your training:


Monday 15 May at

4 PM Pacific

7 PM Eastern

Tuesday 16 May at

7 AM Singapore

9 AM Sydney

11 AM Auckland

Check your time here:

Join via the web with this link:

Join with your phone by finding your local number here:
and using Pin Code: 510326#


And, if the timezones don't work for you, I've got you covered as well. After the call I'll send you a link to the replay.

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See you soon!

xo Amy