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Hey there,

I'm Amy McDonald, Yoga Teacher, Yoga Business Coach and (self)-certified Yoga Geek! And I'm on a global tour to make Yoga Teacher and Healer financial struggle a thing of the past!

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I know what its like to LOVE teaching yoga. I totally love it, too.

Yoga transforms lives, right? It transformed mine, and I reckon its had a big impact for the better on yours, too.

And so it makes sense that we have a calling to share this insight, power and tools with people in our communities.

But for too many Yoga teachers, healers and holistic practitioners there is a disconnect between doing what you love and earning the money you'd love to earn.

Do any of these sound familiar:

-Running from studio to studio to teach enough classes to make ends meet

-Teaching classes that aren't quite what you love teaching (pilates, barre or even different styles of Yoga)

-Fear around 'putting yourself out there' or coming across as 'salesy' preventing you from any form of marketing

-Social media and online overwhelm preventing you from reaching the students and clients you really desire to work with

-Entrenched under-earning in your passion forcing you to stay in a job you hate

-Embarrassment about 'coming out' as a Yoga teacher because it is really just an expensive hobby... 

If this is sounding good...

I'd love to invite you to join me and a group of high-vibration, positive and supportive Yoga teachers on an Abundant Yoga Teacher Immersion!


I know how important it is to support ourselves, our families and our ongoing professional development... and that means being abundant is key to being an effective Yoga teacher and business owner.

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Good news! I'm ready to take a stand for you and your Yoga business!

  • Imagine knowing exactly what to do to attract more students to your classes so you don't feel like you're endlessly hustling!

  • Imagine putting the systems in place so that people could find you and sign up so you can focus more on class prep and your own practice.

  • Imagine feeling totally clear on your pricing structure, knowing that it is fair and reflective of your real value so you can confidently share and fill your one-on-one classes, workshops and events.

  • Imagine refining what you offer so you really stand out as a leader in your field so that you never worry about flooded markets or the 'next best thing' again.

  • Imagine making a more consistent income so you can plan your professional development and selfcare (let alone groceries!) as well as share your prosperity with causes and communities you really believe in.


This one-day workshop will provide you with the space, clarity, tools and techniques you need to grow, serve and shine in your Yoga business in a way that feels authentic and aligned with your values. Specifically, we will cover:


1. Setting the Foundations
-Getting clear on your current yoga business. What do you love? What needs work?
-Defining how your ideal business would look, in terms of student numbers, class types and numbers, desired financial abundance.

2. Standing Out
-Clarifying your authentic voice as a yoga teacher
-How to stand out in a full market place
-Branding in a way that is fun and natural

3. The class container
-Class pricing that aligns with your service and your ideal students
-Packaging your services to encourage return customers and student loyalty
-The importance of your class 'Kula' (community) and how to strengthen it


4. Marketing like a pro (without feeling 'salesy')
-Online marketing must haves
-How to stay out of social media overwhelm
-Sharing your news


I know what it's like to spend years studying and honing your craft only to discover that while you might be a talented healer or teacher, you're missing the essential pieces to be an effective business owner.


If you're a holistic practitioner and you're ready to learn everything you need and nothing you don't, then this workshop is for you.

It's a nourishing YOU-focussed day where you'll leave feeling complete: recharged, clear on what to do and how to do it and inspired about growing your abundant business.

It was such a great day! I have a notebook full of great ideas. Time for reflection. Thanks, Amy. It was a very empowering day.
— Aneta Idczak, U.K.
I really enjoyed my Immersion Day. Great to connect with like-minded people and to learn Yoga business tips from Amy as well as energising yang and yin Yoga sessions
— Rosie Deane, U.K.
Amy offered an inspired day of realisation, after realisation, after inspiration, after lets get real and actually do this. Watching Amy lead was a bit of a work of art, she real knows how to support people to bust through their own limiting beliefs, to unleash their desires and clear the path towards a truly abundant yoga business and life. I highly recommend anyone ready to step into their yoga business take this immersion.
— Madallon Malancioiu, Australia
After attending the Immersion, I am much more clear about my intention, my biggest blocks, my authenticity, my own passion, pricing and packaging.......I feel very blessed, grateful and motivated. The Immersion was extremely helpful and beneficial!
— Szilvia Kekes, Australia

Your investment in an Abundant Yoga Teacher Immersion is


Your investment includes a full day of Abundant Yoga Biz trainings and time with a super high-vibe Sangha of new colleagues. Plus bring along a friend for FREE!

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31 January 2019

2 february 2019

5 February 2019

7 february 2019

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After attending the Abundant Yoga Teacher Immersion, I felt immediately empowered and motivated to start taking the next steps in my yoga teaching career, and to kick-start the changes that my business was needing to move forwards. As a result I’m putting into place plans and actions that previously felt scary, and that I had been putting off. With Amy’s amazing insight and guidance, these things now don’t feel so scary and I’m buzzing with excitement as to what is coming next!
— Shelagh Wallace, www.reallywildyoga.com
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Attending the Immersion has encouraged me to consider making positive changes in my yoga business by restructuring my price plan. The workshop helped me to realise the value and importance of sharing yoga and how this should be reflected in the pricing. Thank you!
— Emma Kelly, www.yogawithemmakelly.com
The Immersion was a total revelation! In six hours we covered a massive chunk of a valuable material on marketing, including branding, social networks and pricing, as well as made our first firm steps on a path to abundant mindset. Amy delivers pearls of wisdom and heaps of practical information with ease and humour. To be honest I just couldn’t wait for the masterclass to finish to start using all the tips straightaway :)
— Yelena Staniszewska, www.yogiki.co.uk
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I loved the immersion day! What I learnt was so valuable — it gave me a better look at how I run my yoga business, and also gave me an inspiring new perspective.
— Amy Jayasuriya, www.thriveyogapilates.com.au
Great day in London with Amy and everyone, really positive and inspiring and, as ever, meeting with people speaking the same language as me about growing their business. Plus really useful that, in being so upfront about our businesses, examples and ideas are clear and totally relevant. Thanks everyone!
— David Newport, davidnewport.org/
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Amy McDonald

Amy started practicing Yoga when she was 8 after a doctor diagnosed her with school-based stress... She completed her first teacher training in 2009 and has gone on to receive her 300Hr Advanced Training with her teacher, Noah Maze.

Amy is a qualified transformational coach and works with Yoga students and other holistic practitioners to grow, serve and shine in their businesses through her private coaching and home study programs.


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31 January 2019

9am - 5pm

Kindred Movement
96 Nicholson Street,
Abbotsford, VIC

2 february 2019

9am - 5pm

EarthPoint Energy Centre
87 Brown Street
Perth, WA

5 february 2019

10am - 4:30pm

Home of Yoga New Farm
152 James Street
New Farm, QLD 4005

7 february 2019

9am - 5pm

Earth & Sky Yoga Studio
Level 1/137 Marrickville Rd
Marrickville NSW

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It's time for an upgrade in your finances and wealth consciousness, your surroundings, your business, your entourage, your visibility and your JOY...

Come and spend a day with us and other like-minded folks in our mini business of Yoga retreat, totally focused on YOU and who you will become in pursuit of your dreams...


Got questions? We'd love to hear from you! Email Amy here: amy@amymcdonald.com.au