If you're anything like me, you embarked on Yoga teacher training not because you wanted to make a heap of money, but because you wanted to share the amazing, wild, big and subtle joy that is Yoga.

My Yoga Teacher Training was one of the best investments I've ever made in myself. It taught me WAY more than how to cue a pose.

And I was thrilled to take those teachings out into the world.

But while I was an enthusiastic, growing teacher, I simply didn't have what I needed to be a Yoga business owner. This showed up as:

  • Teaching tiny classes with one or two students so that often my classes ran at a loss

  • Wasting money on business cards and banners that no one saw because they didn't truly show what I was about and had to offer

  • Being terrified of putting my photo on the internet, so my online presence was terrible and no one could find me.

  • Putting up with students who showed up late, asked for freebies and discounts and were actually not really interested in learning from me

  • Treating Yoga teaching as a hobby instead of my profession, even though it was my sole source of income

  • Under-investing in my ongoing professional development (let alone going to classes!)

  • Kidding myself that if I just stuck at it things would turnaround... because I was doing 'spiritual' work...


And I stayed this way for YEARS. Fudge!

Embarrassing as that is in hindsight, what it (finally!) forced me to do was get serious about my Yoga teaching.

When I realised I'd reached the point of either getting myself together as a Yoga business owner or going back to my office job... the way forward become clear...

So I enrolled in all sorts of trainings, from copy writing, Facebook advertising, online marketing and editing through to financial management, budgeting, wealth consciousness and money mindset.

None of it was designed for Yoga teachers. And some of it triggered me up the wahzoo!!

But I persisted, percolated, alchemised and applied those teachings to my yoga business.

And in giving myself this very firm kick in the glute max, I turned my Yoga teaching around.


  • Loyal, returning students who want to work with me and develop their own practice

  • Joyful, full classes, workshops and events where I confidently hold space and share MY Yoga with people

  • Sangha across the world who welcome me back when I'm travelling

  • Full retreats and events that are relaxing for me as well as being great money makers and community builders

  • Passive income, online training programs and virtual offers so I can be location independent

  • Confidence in marketing and offering my programs, retreats and events, by being nothing other than myself

  • Abundant income to reinvest in my development AND give, tithe and share so I'm not stuck in lack or fear about money

  • Complete unavailability for any drama, shame, overwhelm or discomfort about claiming my place as a Yoga professional... and an abundant one at that!


If any of this is sounding good to you, I lovingly invite you to move...

Because I'm SO AMPED to support your transformation from Yoga Teacher to Yoga Business Owner, I'd love to introduce you to my brand new program:





Growing Your Yoga Business is an in depth, Yoga-specific business development training program that provides targeted, clear AND fun training to Yoga teachers on exactly how to grow an abundant Yoga business while making the alchemising shift to take their existing Yoga business to its fullest potential.

  • You've completed your Teacher Training (or Trainings ;) and while you can teach a great class, you've not made the transition to stable, reliable Yoga income

  • It's your time to offer, fill and hold 1:1 classes that generate great income AND let you serve in a deeper, more meaningful way

  • Authenticity, boundaries, class culture, individual teaching style, taking consistent action and holding the seat of the teacher are things you're called to strengthen and the idea of doing it with fun, high-vibe colleagues excites you

  • You desire to call in abundance thinking and let go of fear and lack thinking when it comes to money, pricing and worthiness once and for all

  • 2017 is the year you're truly going to take the leap in being visible, overcoming insecurities about 'putting yourself out there' and sharing your gifts with the world

  • You're ready to take your Yoga business to the next level with retreats, workshops and trainings

  • Mastery in online and offline marketing - so that what you do is efficient AND effective - is something you know will boost your biz AND your freedom

  • You're tired of looking for support from local peers and hungry to hang out with Yoga teachers who are also really going for it in their Yoga businesses and want to see and celebrate you grow, succeed and be happy! 


GROWING YOUR YOGA BUSINESS is an in-depth 4-month program that can be accessed online and includes 8 video-based trainings + 8 modules, 9 live coaching calls, plus some VERY juicy bonuses that show you step-by-step how to make your abundant transition from Yoga teacher to Yoga Business Owner (including figuring out who you love to teach and why, developing a brand you love plus making the money you deserve).



Shifting your mindset from Yoga teacher hobbyist to Yoga business owner

Discovering and dissolving the money mindset blocks and beliefs that are stopping you earning the money you desire

Identifying where are you giving your power away with money (friend discounts, old prices, undercharging) and how to shift it with integrity and grace

Owning where are you being cheap with yourself in business (lack of support, trying to do it all yourself, using systems that don’t work) and making your desired changes

1. The Money Mindset of an Abundant Yoga Business Owner- (1).jpg

Simple structures and systems to track and grow your business without sending you into accounting overwhelm

Policies and procedures, terms and conditions: the Siva container to hold your business safely and with clarity

Manage admin like a champ (it ain’t sexy but it makes ALL the difference!)


Teach, share and speak from YOUR sense of Yoga and let go of any fears about being too ‘much’, too ‘spiritual’, too…

Identify the unique characteristics that make you standout and shine in your business so you no longer worry about competition or 'a full market'

Discover your own brand values and attributes that set you apart from every other Yoga teacher so you can let go of comparison-itis for good!


Understanding your own motivations and patterns: the 6 basic human needs and how they show up in your teaching and Yoga business

Creating perfect etiquette and culture to build community, loyalty and discipline in your Sangha

What you didn’t even know was your Yoga: mastering the challenges of managing difficult people, interactions and conversations

1. The Money Mindset of an Abundant Yoga Business Owner- (7).jpg

Overcoming blocks and barriers to finally ‘putting yourself out there’

Discovering what fear, doubt and self-sabotage is all about and how you can begin to work against them to step into your new-found confidence!

Getting it done… well: video, photoshoots, recordings and social media confidence


Creating great time and energy boundaries so your selfcare and personal practice take a FRONT seat as an essential part of your business growth

Knowing when and what to outsource, delegate or contract so you work in your areas of genius and stop trying to be all things to all people!

Stepping it up: project planning for your first half day workshop, retreat, training or events


Discovering how to incorporating social media into your business growth plan in a way that is about building relationships with real people, not selling

Mastering email marketing, growing your mailing list and creating newsletters that are inviting, authentic and compelling for your Sangha

Writing copy that actually sounds like you, conveys your message and is EASY to write while inspiring and motivating your students

Feel so confident and in integrity in the services you offer that you LOVE talking about them with your community!


Embracing business planning as a tool for clarity and confidence that can be suited exactly to YOUR style

Seeking ongoing support to ensure you stay the course, continue to grow and celebrate your successes

Remembering concealment and revelation to managing setbacks, contractions and downturns as lessons and opportunities for insight and growth


And here is what your program includes:

The 8 fillable workbooks will guide you through each of the module topics in the program, without any fill or fluff: just use-right-now insights, templates, tools and copy.

Twice per month you’ll dive into new learning modules containing training videos, digital workbooks, templates and activities that will teach you everything you need to know about how to develop your business, your skills and yourself to become an abundant Yoga business owner.


These videos will be available to view as many times as you like. Your investment in the program includes lifetime access to these resources.

Each module includes a training video where I'll go through the content in greater depth, sharing stories and examples from Yoga, my clients and my own business growth journey so you can really see how to apply the teachings in a pragmatic way for quick results. *Note: there will be a few nerdy Yoga gags included. Laughing will be optional.


These calls are where you get your personal questions answered, so we can tailor the materials to where you are in your business growth.

You'll also get to know your colleagues and learn from each other as we move through the material.

Each module also includes a live group question and answer call with me and the other amazing participants in the program. 



 Business Skills including marketing online and offline, branding, creating offers, list building, websites—everything you need to fill your practice with ideal students and clients.

 Personal Development. Upgrading your mindset around making money, raising your standards, setting healthy boundaries, charging your worth, teaching from your heart and strengthening your confidence to be visible in the world.

 Community & Friends! You deserve to have a supportive community who knows what you’re going through as you start or grow your business. You definitely don’t need to do this alone or figure everything out for yourself!


- 4 months of comprehensive training designed specifically for Yoga teachers

- In depth, fillable workbooks for each module

- Substantive training videos for each module

- Lifetime access to all of the training materials

- Bi-monthly Q&A calls with me where you can ask questions specifically for where you are in your Yoga biz

- Access to my private Facebook community to continue to network and share with your colleagues and peers



Make a great decision for yourself: there are no refunds for this program

Make a great decision for yourself: there are no refunds for this program


REgistrations close 26 February

Class starts 27 February and completes in May


Growing Your Yoga Business is specifically designed for Yogis.

Everything you'll learn is directly relatable to what it means to be a Yoga teacher, what it means to walk a Path with commitment and integrity and what it means to offer something you passionately believe in from the heart, as your spiritual Path AND your source of income.

I'm a Yoga teacher, too. I get the challenges and the triggers of being a Yoga teacher who desires abundance AND to be of service.

I know how this can be perceived by some in our community. And I also know how we can be perceived by those not in our community.

Here's the good news: I've done the 'death-by-powerpoint' financial planning workshops, I've survived the local business incubators, I've taken dry-as-chips copy writing courses...

Basically, I've taken all the non-Yogic biz development trainings so you don't have to!


I'd much prefer to talk about what Draupadi's magical sari can teach us about abundance.

I'd much prefer to share with you how feeding our Anadamaya Kosha is essential for business growth.

I'd much prefer to nerd out about what we can learn from Krishna's tent-side chat with Arjuna about internet marketing (OK, indirectly. But I can make a strong correlation!)


Growing Your Yoga Business is a business development program especially for you: a Yoga Teacher who is ready to transform into an abundant Yoga Business Owner.


Final FAQs:

Class starts February, 2016

Call times will vary to accommodate all timezones as possible

All calls will be recorded, and provision will be made to ask questions in advance if you can't attend live.


Let's Do this!

This program is the richest blend of Sangha and fun, group learning with potent, Yoga-specific business teachings. My Sankalpa is that is provides everything you need to transform your Yoga teaching into something more sustainable, more rewarding and more abundant.


I can't wait to welcome you into the program!


Still got questions?

Let's find out if this is the right program for you. Send me an email to amy@amymcdonald.com.au and let's discuss