Time and time again I laugh with my clients about the secret learnings we uncover in becoming Yoga Business Owners.

  • Who thought upping your prices would trigger an existential crisis?
  • Who knew creating a new online course would bring up your childhood junk?
  • Who could ever imagine that you'd be photoshopping a friend's crotch... (Yes, that happened. Hang out here to find out more...)

As my coach says, if you want the BEST personal development program on the planet, start your own business!

So this week on the call you'll discover a simple and massively effective method to tune in to your natural tendencies. (Hint: when they are misaligned, you're playing small, struggling and being triggered. When you're attuned with them they are your biggest propulsion and strengths)

And a reminder that the $400 in bonuses

finish THIS WEEKEND for

Growing Your Yoga Biz!