Stop Goals Becoming Fantasies with Clear Boundaries and Priorities

Stop Goals Becoming Fantasies with Clear Boundaries and Priorities

Goals are necessary to set the intention and direction in your Yoga biz. But without taking ACTION, they can be come comforting fantasies.

In this podcast I'm sharing how this has shown up in my life (hint: too many dating analogies!) and what we can all do to avoid it happening again.


Also, get yourself registered for the masterclass happening this weekend and get my personal support to create an action plan to have you reaching your Yoga biz goals THIS YEAR!

Reaching Your Yoga Biz Goals in 2018!

Reaching Your Yoga Biz Goals in 2018!

I don't know about you, but September can be a 'blah' month for me...'s been a long haul.

I've implemented and grown.

I've taken a bunch of trainings and learned loads.

I've completed the two retreats I offer for the year.

And I'm kind of feeling a little, like, 'I'm kind of done for the year'.

But here's the thing. NOW is actually the most powerful time of the year. YES people still want - AND NEED - Yoga. YES you can make that additional money in your biz this year. YES you can complete your projects. And YES you can prepare for 2019.

So this week on the Podcast I'm going to be talking all things 'Achieving Your Yoga Biz Goals'...

PS: Have you registered yet for the 'Achieve Your Yoga Biz Goals' Masterclass happening this weekend yet?

Here is the link to save your place:

This is going to be a 90-minute 'get your hands dirty' workshop where I'll be working with you on getting clear and focussed so that you finish out the year feeling amazing about your Yoga biz.


If you want me personal mentoring and coaching support on your next three months of biz planning, make sure you register and join me live.

Here is the link again:

See you on the weekend!


Using Email More Effectively in Your Yoga Biz

Using Email More Effectively in Your Yoga Biz

Today we are talking emails: what is DEAD in email land and how you can use emails more effectively to keep your students coming back.

I'll also walk you through a simple onboarding email sequence to keep brand new students coming back.

And if you're up for more clarity and a clear action plan to make the last quarter of 2018 the most aligned, prosperous and in-service so far, make sure you sign up for the Masterclass happening this weekend:

'Achieving Your Yoga Biz Goals in 2018'

Here is the link to register:

How I Filled My Classes: Inside Scoop + Templates!

How I Filled My Classes: Inside Scoop + Templates!

Sometimes you just want someone else to tell you EXACTLY what to do, right?


This week on the podcast I'm going to tell you EXACTLY what to write in your emails, FB ads and website to sell out your classes.

I know it works because it's JUST what I did to call 16 people into my class (that had room for 14... but that's another podcast topic!)

And if you're looking for some virtual handouts, I've got you covered there, too.

Templates, swipe files and 'copy and paste' all done for you.

(You're welcome ;)

Here are the links to access the templates and swipe files from this training.

Access the sales page for the classes here:

Access the three emails sent out to my 90 person mailing list - each one week apart - here:

And here is a copy of the FB ad I used to promote the classes:

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 9.17.29 am.png

PS: In just over 4 months a powerful group of Yoga teachers will be joining me on retreat in northern Thailand for the 5th Abundant Yoga Teacher Retreat.

You can read more about it here:


There are now just 2 places left at the Tier 1 pricing level...

...So if you'd like one, jump on in!

And if you do take up one of these places by TOMORROW night, you'll also receive a free 90-minute private coaching intensive with me valued at $500!

Learn all about the retreat here:

And here is what Louise - who just joined me last month on Retreat - had to say about her experience:


"The Abundant Yoga Teacher Retreat marked the start of my full-time career in yoga and it’s the best thing that I could have done. It’s given me clarity, focus and probably most importantly the confidence to go out there and really make a success of my yoga biz. Oh, and the setting, the food, the company is to die for!"

Louise Neicho, Woodland Yoga


Monthly Yoga Biz QnA Live with Amy

Monthly Yoga Biz QnA Live with Amy

It is so important to draw inspiration from the leaders in our industry.

How did our favourite 'Yoga-lebrities' get where they are today? What did they do to overcome adversity, choose the perfect teachers and fill up their classes, workshops and events?

And then there is a time to put this inspiration into practice.

How are YOU going to fill up your classes?

Build a great website?

Generate prosperity doing what you love?

Today I'm hosting a live business coaching session for you where I'm all set to answer any Yoga biz questions you may have.

PS: I am delighted to announce that Tier 1 tickets are now on sale for the Abundant Yoga Teacher Retreat in Thailand in January!

You can read all about it here:

The Abundant Yoga Teacher Retreat is a week of rest and relaxation, Yoga and meditation and a deep dive into your Yoga business.


I'll take you to one of my most favourite places in the world, where I decided to become a Yoga teacher and where I taught my first ever retreat 9 years ago.

You'll make new friends, learn new skills and actually take a BREAK!

Here's the link again to read all about it:

There are 6 places available in Tier 1, as well as a payment plan to make it easier to save your place.

And here is what Sam had to say about her time on retreat earlier this month:


Embracing Ferocity in Yoga: 3 Quick Tips

Embracing Ferocity in Yoga: 3 Quick Tips

I remember the day in my corporate job when I KNEW it was time to leave.
I was hosting a meeting with some important folks from out of town. The meeting room I had booked was still full of people, running overtime.
I popped my head in the door, gently reminded them of the time and asked them to finish up.
Afterwards, the host of the late meeting came to see me.
‘Amy, I was really surprised by your behaviour today.’
‘Oh? Why is that’ I replied.
‘Well, couldn’t you just wait for us to finish? Did you have to ask us to leave?’
‘Yes. I did.’
‘Gee, Amy. I thought you were a Yoga teacher’ – she paused and looked down her nose at me – ‘I thought you’ve be more ZEN.’
I mean, ARGH on SOOOO many levels!!!
These sorts of judgements about what Yoga is and what it means to be a Yogi drive me WILD.
What about you?
Have you ever been called ‘too intense’?
Or that you were too bold, clear, intentional or passionate?
That you should ‘chillax’?
This week on the podcast I want to reclaim ferocity in Yoga. It’s TIME!!!


PS: Speaking of FIERCE… The women who joined me on the Abundant Yoga Teacher Retreat have headed home to their SEVEN countries more emboldened, confident and ready to fiercely serve!
We’ve had a powerful week of retreat, rest, renewal and reignition!

(Check out ore pics on insta: @AmyYogaBizCoach)
And also take a look at the VERY limited SUPER EARLY BIRD for 2019 Abundant Yoga Teacher Retreat here:


Yoga Sales Funnels: What and Why

Yoga Sales Funnels: What and Why

Want to know the BIGGEST mistake I see Yoga teachers making when they are looking to fill up their teacher trainings, retreats and 1:1 classes?
Not enough preparation.
Now, I’m not talking marketing.
I’m not talking about planning the agenda, choosing the venue or planning out the pricing system.
I’m talking about preparing your Sangha by growing your numbers to fill your high end offers.
In sales, it’s called a ‘funnel’.
And I’m going to give you a 45-minute training live for this week’s podcast!

PS: We are in day 2 of the Abundant Yoga Teacher Retreat here in Thailand.

And we’re having a BLAST!!!
(Check out my daily details, vids and check in on Instagram @AmyYogaBizCoach)
In fact, we are having such a great time I’m putting things in place for our 2019 retreat.
We are hashing out the dates ATM but it’s going to be January and there will be a cray-cray good Super Early Bird rate.
If you’d like a heads up BEFORE I send out an email to everyone, send me an email back and I’ll put you on the ‘pre-invitation’ list!
Xo Amy

Owning the Changes in your Yoga Biz

Owning the Changes in your Yoga Biz

How are things in your Yoga biz?

Loving it?

Full classes?

Enjoying sharing inviting content on social media?

Website calling in new students each week?


Perhaps you need some extra support from me!


I've just opened 12 90-minute intensives and there are still 10 left.

You can learn all about it here:

We will work together in a ninety minute intensive to:

  • Clarify the true level of abundance you desire from your Yoga biz and create a super-simple and do-able plan to achieve it.

  • Eliminate the Chaya (shadow) in your pricing, scheduling and class offerings so your business model makes sense and is in alignment with your desired lifestyle.

  • Determine the two best social media platforms for your business so you’re not spreading yourself too thin and can show up in a confident and empowered way online.

  • Map out your messaging and marketing so you’re clear on what to do and how to do it to attract the perfect students to your unique offerings.

  • Dissolve blocks and barriers and correct mindset misalignments so you’re actually ready to receive money in your Yoga biz!

If this feels good to you, head over to this page and reserve your place!

And now on top today's free Yoga biz training:


PS: Let's work together to make your Yoga biz make money.

Collect your 1:1 with me here.

3 Tips for Keeping your Classes Interesting

3 Tips for Keeping your Classes Interesting

Hey Yogi Superstar,

So often Yoga teachers share with me that they worry their classes are getting stale.

How do you keep your students coming back?

How do you keep your offerings fresh and inspiring?

Maybe you can relate?

So today I'll be sharing THREE things you can do to help you feel inspired and inspiring in your teaching...

HINT: It might not be what you think!


PS: I've just opened up some 90-minute intensive places to help support you to 'Make Your Yoga Biz Make Money'.

You can learn more about them here.

If you would love my 1:1 attention, guidance and support in a powerful 90-minute coaching session, take a peek at the page.

Here is the link again to check it out:

How I Prepare For My Retreats + QnA

How I Prepare For My Retreats + QnA

I am starting to get VERY excited.


Because in just over 2 weeks I'll be flying to Thailand to prepare for the Abundant Yoga Teacher Retreat.


I've been teaching international retreats for over 9 years now and I've come a long way. Sure, I've added a zero to the end of my profit...

... but WAY more importantly, I no longer finish a retreat feeling exhausted, run down and hating on at LEAST one of the retreat participants.

Want to know my secrets?

I'm sharing all HERE... so come join in!


Monthly Yoga Biz QnA Live with Amy

Monthly Yoga Biz QnA Live with Amy

Hey Yogi Superstar!

For this week's Abundant Yoga Teacher podcast, I went live for an hour of FREE Yoga biz coaching on:

- Filling your classes FINALLY

- Mapping out your Retreat sales and marketing strategy

- Planning the Asana sequence for your first masterclass

- Reviewing your brand new website

Or whatever it is you're working on right now.

I honestly think this can help you so tune in!


PS: I've extended the Birthday Bundle Sale to tomorrow, so if you haven't collected it yet, here is your chance.


Simple Joint Ventures for Attracting New Students

Simple Joint Ventures for Attracting New Students

Have you collected yourself a Birthday Biz Bundle yet?

I'm throwing a seriously cool sale on my most powerful home study courses for just the next few days: you can check it out at

Websites, FB ads, writing great emails and sales pages, teaching 1:1s confidently and hosting lucrative retreats... 5 programs for just $297.

Awesome, right?

Here is the link again:

Now on to today's LIVE training!

For this week's podcast, I'm going to talk you through how to arrange simple joint venture partnerships to grow your student base without spending any money or stepping on any toes.

Tune in!

Collect the Bundle.png

PS: Don't forget your $530 of Yoga biz training savings!

Collect your birthday bundle here.


Five Tips to Reengaging Past Students

Five Tips to Reengaging Past Students

Something that has come up recently in my conversations with clients is 'How do you get people who came to class before coming back?'

We talk a lot about reaching new people, but how can we make sure people who stopped Yoga-ing restart?

In this week's podcast I'll be sharing the top 5 things to do to re-engage your students that have 'dropped off'...

... after all, we know they'd be better off with a little Yoga in their lives, right?


PS: Are you coming on the Abundant Yoga Teacher Retreat?

There are 5 places left and for THIS WEEK if you use the coupon code 'Immersions' when you register you'll receive a $1000 discount!


Yup. $1000.

Here is the link to read all about it:


How to Maintain Motivation in Your Yoga Biz

How to Maintain Motivation in Your Yoga Biz

Even though I ADORE what I do for a living (and really sometimes can't believe its actually real!!!) there are still some rare days when I think, 'This is too bloody hard. I just want a 'real job'.

Or there are rare days when I watch Gordon Ramsay shows rather than write my newsletters.

Or there are rare days when I read a true crime book instead of practice Yoga.


Because sometimes its hard to be motivated, right?

Sometimes its easier - WAAAAAY easier - to be slack, sluggish and 'meh'.

And yet, when we get ourselves into this place, we aren't being in service, we aren't connecting to our higher nature and we aren't walking our path.

So what to do?

SHAZAM! Join me for this week's podcast for a dose of inspiration!

PS: Check out these gorgeous Yoginis!! These were the beautiful Yoga teachers who joined the Abundant Yoga Teacher Immersion in Sydney this week. Now these ladies were MOTIVATED!

There are still places left in the MELBOURNE Abundant Yoga Teacher Immersion happening NEXT WEEK. Collect your tickets here.


PPS: This is also the last opportunity to access the payment plan option for the Abundant Yoga Teacher Retreat in Thailand. 

Here is the link to see more about that:

The payment plan option is only available until TOMORROW NIGHT.

Please email me if you have any retreat questions.


Bringing Sukha and Sthira to your Yoga Biz

Bringing Sukha and Sthira to your Yoga Biz

Today, I'm sharing the ONE THING your Yoga business needs more of...and it's NOT going to be what you think!

So jump on over to the Abundant Yoga Teacher podcast for this week!

PS: Like the idea of taking your Yoga biz on holiday? Good news!


My beautiful friends at IWP have opened up 5 new spaces for us on the Abundant Yoga Teacher Retreat, so it's not too late for you to join us!

Eileen and Laura are coming from Ireland. Louise, Rosie, Sarah and Jess are coming from the UK. Sadie, Sam and Amanda are coming from Oz and the gorgeous Gurjinder is coming from Norway.

And there are a couple of other GORGEOUS Yoginis signed up as well.

It will be a powerful week of rest and renewal, growth and discovery and a LOT of laughter and new friendships.

Learn more about it (and maybe collect the final Tier 2 place) here:


The Secret Life of Yogananda with Philip Goldberg

The Secret Life of Yogananda with Philip Goldberg

Hey folks!

This week I've got a really exciting special guest for you on the Abundant Yoga Teacher Podcast....

... if you're a #YogaNerd too, you're going to LOVE this!

PS: Are you enrolled for the Mid-Year Realignment for your Yoga Biz Masterclass happening tomorrow?


Join me for a 90-minute masterclass to review your Yoga biz in 2018...

...and get clear on the steps you need to take to grow your Yoga biz in 2018!

Clarity. Prosperity. Service. Awesome!

This training will happen live AND there will be a replay if you can't join us.

Register here.

The Eight Elements To Grow Your Yoga Biz

The Eight Elements To Grow Your Yoga Biz

Today, I went LIVE with the Abundant Yoga Teacher Podcast where I talked about the eight elements that play a significant role to grow your Yoga biz!

 I'd love if you could join so scroll down to tune in!

PS: I'd love to invite you to a brand new masterclass that is coming up in a week or so.

We are now half way through 2018.

How are you feeling about your Yoga biz?

Are you serving in the way you desire to?

Are your classes and events filled with inspired and warm students?

Are you calling in abundance at a level that lights you up?

If perhaps you'd like to take a look at your biz to date, and make the realignments you need to achieve your Yoga biz goals this year, please sign up for the workshop here:

It's $7 and will give you an inspiration and clarity dose to realign your Yoga biz for abundance in 2018!

So don't forget to save your place for the 'Mid-Year Realignment for Your Yoga Biz' masterclass here:

Live Yoga Biz QnA with Amy

Live Yoga Biz QnA with Amy

You know those micro adjustments a great teacher can give you that TOTALLY changes the experience of an Asana?
I remember Annie Carpenter showing me a Vira 2 hack that, as she said, ‘would change your life’.
(She was right!)
Those tweaks can make all the difference to your practice, right?
It can be like that with coaching, too.
Just a tiny micro-adjustment and you’re back into pranic flow.
So jump on over to the Abundant Yoga Teacher podcast for this week!

Pricing, boundaries, sequencing, marketing, storytelling, social media, retreat planning…
Whatever you’re working on, I’d love to help you so tune in!

PS: This is the LAST CHANCE to register for Growing Your Yoga Biz.
Once you register you’ll not only have access to 2-hour group live coaching calls with me, training videos and workbooks, you’ll also have daily access to me and my Yoga biz coaching in our private GYYB Facebook group.
Here is the link to register:
If you’re ready to stoke your Yoga Biz Agni and call in the successes, influence and healing in your Yoga biz in 2018, GYYB is THE BEST way I can support you.
We get started NEXT WEEK, so now is the best time to get yourself registered and all squared away for our Orientation.
Here is the link again: