I know that so much of my joy and sense of professional accomplishment comes from having spent years working with the students in my Kula. At the end of every eighth class or so someone brings a cake to share after our class. We have a pre-Yoga produce swap. I get notes like this from my students at Christmas:

'Dear Amy, Just wanted to say thank you for the yoga classes over the last year. I don't think I've ever got so much out of Yoga!'

Or this one:

'Yoga and your class has been the constant throughout my wife's cancer treatment, to have a break from it all, to relax, rejuvenate, regroup. I remember the classes as the best yoga I have done. My body and mind surrendered to the practice. The weight of the initial decisions and appointments were so heavy. After yoga for a moment I was light and could face it all again. So I just wanted to say thanks, I don’t know what I would have done without it.'       

And its not just friendship and heart-song that lifts me up.

It's watching people's bodies change, and even more excitingly, watching their attitudes about their own bodies change over time.

It's very, very cool.

And it requires student and teacher loyalty. Return patronage. 

It's about YOUR vibe creating YOUR tribe.

And of course this is enormously useful in managing finances, knowing when money will be coming in. The students that always sign up for packages of classes, who enjoy, remember and appreciate my teaching and who tell their friends to come and join us. And this is good for my business.

In this podcast I'm sharing how you can boost your student loyalty for the benefit of all. Enjoy!