Do you ever sit in front of a blank screen, knowing you have to send out a newsletter but just totally stuck on what to put in it?

Or does your website need updating (or creating!) but you're stalling because you don't want to sound corporate AND you're also not looking to come across as salesy either?

Before becoming a coach I worked as a writer. Fiction and nonfiction. I also taught folks how write for both the online and offline worlds. 

This means I know a thing or sixty about writing well, and how to convey your important message to your people while sounding just like you and never feeling icky about being pushy. 

And I'm shared it all (or as much as we could possibly get through) on this week's call.

PS: The Abundant Yoga Teacher Retreat is now HALF FULL.

So if you're planning on coming along, seriously now is the time to register.

A week of great company, dreamy walks in nature, incredible Thai food, meditation, chanting, Yoga and upping your Yoga biz skills with me.

#ananda, right?

Read all about it, and secure you place before it sells out!