My 3-hour private coaching intensive - ‘Make Your Yoga Biz Make Money’  - is open for registrations! Have you had a chance to check it out?

Given how excited I am about getting to work 1:1 with folks again, I shared my top 4 things to be doing RIGHT NOW to Make Your Yoga Biz Make Money on the call today.

Check it out:

Importantly, 'Make Your Yoga Biz Make Money' is only available through to the end of this month.
Now, before you freak out about not having the time to fit it into your busy schedule, registrations close soon, but the time we will spend together will be scheduled at a time that suits both of us perfectly somewhere in the period mid October to early November.

So there is loads of time to fit it in to your calendar. 

In fact, I’m intentionally keeping those 5 weeks aside specifically for working with the gorgeous folks who are already enrolling for the program.

This offer does go away 30 September or once the 16 places are sold(whichever comes first).

Here is what some of my previous 'Make Your Yoga Biz Make Money' participants have to say about the program.