I was at a class at a LEADING Yoga school the other day.

It was a flow class, mixed level.

I was next to a man who was about to start a teacher training... the very next day.

The class was gong well. I was very aware that the guy next to me was breathing REALLY heavily. Laboured. Panting. Holding.

I glanced at him.

He was sweating and red faced.

We moved on to the supine poses. Next up was Supta Padangustasana.

This is not a happy pose for me, and nursing my poor old hips is important. So I like to be super present and keep my awareness on my femurs.

And yet I couldn't help notice that the guy next to me - still huffing, puffing and sweating - was doing something NOT EVEN CLOSE to the pose we were in.

But, want to know what REALLY took me out of the pose and in to my head?

The teacher didn't even come over to help him understand what he SHOULD be doing.


This guy was working hard.

He was about to start a YTT AT THAT STUDIO and was keen to grow and learn more about Yoga.

And the teacher didn't even come over to tell him he had it all backwards and was putting his body at risk.


I mean, really, WTF?

Pondering this afterwards it dawned on me that this was an angel messenger for me, and for this community.

Being in this class showed me that it is time for RADICAL improvement in our industry.

And that we get to be the leaders in this space.

Let's teach so well that anyone who goes to a crappy class KNOWS they aren't being exposed to great teaching. Because they've been to ours and they know what quality is.

Not because it's about ego.

Not because we are into comparison.