Is there something in your Yoga biz that you've given up on?

Perhaps you've settled for having half-full classes.

Maybe you started using social media but you gave up before you saw results.

Or have you inquired about calling in more support (a cleaner, a VA, someone to take some professional pics) but you've not actually signed a contract?

Sticking-with-it-ness is one of the best things Yoga teaches us. Keeping on trying, working through blocks and barriers, challenging ourselves to lean in when we want to pull out.

Not scratching your nose in meditation.

Holding two more breaths in an inversion.

Reminding a student AGAIN to fold their blanket the right way.

Today on the podcast I'm celebrating this great teaching.

And who better to remind us of the power of perseverance than the ultimate Yogini herself, Parvati.

If 2019 is YOUR YEAR to grow your Yoga business so you can call in abundance while being in deep service to your community and working in a way that lights you up (and never overwhelms you!)...


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