If you've known me for a while now you must have noticed that my favourite Yoga text is the Gita.
If it’s not your Yoga book bestie, here is a quick overview:
Length: 18 chapters
Setting:  Kurukshetra War battlefield
Characters: Arjuna and Krishna
Published: 500 – 200 BCE
Primary teachings: essentially everything!
Seriously, this is your go-to for teachings on the Gunas, the Charkas, duty and Dharma, courage under fire… I could go on…

And I’m going to!
Yup, join me in an hour for the Abundant Yoga Teacher Podcast where I’m sharing some of my favourite teachings from the Gita to ease any conflict (get it, conflict? Like, Kurukshetra War gag?!) between having an abundant Yoga business AND being a spiritual warrior!

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