I've had a bit of driving to do these past few days. So what would a #YogaNerd do to break up the time?

Listen to the Mahābhārata on audiobook, of course!

(Yup, all 45 hours of it!)

One of the things I adore most about this incredible work is the way lessons are woven through out the story.

Yes, we are a part of the main narrative: the cousins in conflict about territory and rulership.

But we also learn of so many subplots and additional characters, backstories and exposition.

It is rich: full of teachings for us as Yogis... and Yoga Business Owners.

So today on the podcast I'm going to share a mini story from the Mahabharata that is going to help you with focus.

If you've ever struggled with 'bright shiny object' syndrome, or find yourself losing time on social media...

PS: Registrations for Growing Your Yoga Biz are closing soon!

If 2019 is really going to be the year to master the tools and mindset to share your Yoga gifts with the people who need them while generating prosperity AND personal reward in business...

...time is a'ticking, Gorgeous!