The Business of Yoga Speaker Series 6: Amy McDonald and Tamara Graham

Tamara, a yoga lover since her teens, started teaching Yoga in New York at her friends beseeching. Returning to Perth, single mother of 3, from her first classes to an empty church hall, she’s grown Tamara Yoga to a thriving community of thousands, with 2 huge studios, an internationally recognised school with hundreds of graduates from Tamara Yoga Teacher Training and spectacular Retreats in Margaret River, Bali and India. Tamara’s the national representative for ISHTA Yoga in Australia. She’s honoured with the sacred title of Yogiraj, meaning Yoga Master, by her teacher Yogiraj Alan Finger. She’s made Yoga DVDs, and regularly interviewed by newspaper, radio and wellness publications as a yoga authority. Tamara’s love of yoga and enthusiasm for teaching is infectious; she’ll inspire you to realise the goal of yoga, enlightenment.

Amy and Tamara are discussing:

  • Building community, connection and sanctuary

  • Taking the teachings and making them your own

  • Doing what REALLY makes you happy, and knowing how to figure out what that actually is

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