I hope you enjoy this free training: 3 Simple Steps to Grow Your Yoga Business.

I know when I was starting out as a Yoga teacher I found it hard to find students, hard to ask them for money, hard to know what to charge and hard to stand out in a market that already felt full. In fact this remained hard for quite a few years!

In this training I'm including the three real essential pieces that took me from struggling to pay for my groceries each week as a newbie Yoga teacher to travelling the world for trainings and retreats, holding full and fun classes and workshops and really walking my dharma. 

I hope you enjoy it.

As an extra bonus, I've included this free e-book 'Is Yoga Blocking Your Abundance?'.

One of the most common topics I work with my new clients on is pricing classes, intensives and retreats and the culture we set as teachers in our classes about giving and taking payments.

In my experience this discomfort stems from a misalignment between being 'spiritual' and being 'abundant'.

If you've ever felt 'icky' about taking class payments or explaining your services, or perhaps stuck about raising your rates to reflect your worth, I'd encourage you to check out this e-book.

Finally, I'd love to know the number one challenge you're working on at the moment in your Yoga Business. You can simply type it in here: