Ambitious, generous and committed Yogis take part in Amy's Growing Your Yoga Biz, the Abundant Yoga Teacher Retreat and Grow, Serve & Shine private coaching.

During these programs:

  • Momentum builds as you take action, implementing the Siva-encoded nuts and bolts pieces along with the Shakti-encoded creativity and mindset work.

  • Community develops as you bond with your Kula and generate strong and inspirational professional and personal connections.

  • Amy coaches you into greater abundance, self-awareness, insight and possibility that supports your biz and householder life.


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Each of these programs is transformational...

...and each come to an end... so...

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A six-month group coaching program to stay connected, committed and continuing to generate prosperity and joy in your Yoga business.


No matter the depth and breadth of a training or coaching program, once it comes to an end eventually 'the medicine wears off'.

Even the most committed Yogi can lose momentum and inspiration without guidance and support.

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The Keep Growing Mastermind is designed to support you to become fully fledged in your abundant Yoga business.

Amy's Sankalpa for this program is to offer you the ongoing community and group support you received in 'Growing Your Yoga Biz' and the 'Abundant Yoga Teacher Retreat'


the accountability, specificity and personalised guidance you received in 'Grow, Serve & Shine'



This is what some of the Keep Growing Graduates have to say about their time in the Mastermind:

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The Keep Growing Mastermind is a blend of two essential masterminding and coaching components.

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Exclusive twice-a-month 2-hour group coaching and masterminding calls with Amy McDonald.

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A monthly 60-minute private coaching intensive, just you, Amy and your biz.


It’s completely changed the way I perceive myself as a business owner, and it’s made me really feel that there’s no limits to what I can achieve, which is completely different to what I thought before. Amy’s more than a business coach. She’s a really well-versed yoga teacher as well and is passionate about really sharing yoga with everyone and inspires me in more ways than just the business. The support of the group of yoga teachers that I’ve met have also been friends that I’ll keep for life.
— Jess Horn, UK
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I just opened two months ago a dream of mine, my own yoga studio. I didn’t even know at the beginning of six months ago that that was one of my dreams. I have now accomplished it. I have gained confidence in the meantime. I also have quadrupled my monthly income, and, I mean, quadrupled, and that feels really good.
— Virginia Hill, Florida, USA
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  • You’ve already invested in your Yoga biz and take it and yourself seriously

  • You’re committed to your own success and looking for an intimate group with a high level of accountability

  • You desire to learn from an experienced mentor who you’re not going to outgrow

  • You’re an avid group participant who’s available for high-level, holistic and Yogi-centric mentoring

  • You’re committed to growing spiritually, emotionally and professionally

  • You’re dedicated to discovering your uniqueness, and bringing it forth in a BIG way

  • You’re about spirituality, personal growth, supporting your community and sharing the gifts of Yoga with the world!

I now work less and earn more. I have clearer boundaries about family time and business time. I’m making more money than I ever have before, so the investment that it took to take that leap of faith to do this program has paid for itself many times over. I have hired new staff to help me and support me. Amy’s guidance is invaluable, I’m so grateful. I can’t recommend it highly enough.
— Sadie Wells, Queensland, Australia
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I’m the owner of a very successful yoga business, thanks to Amy and the Keep Growing mastermind. Before Keep Growing, I knew I was a good yoga teacher, but the business side was really a mystery to me. Now, I have processes in place for things that crop up in my business. I never get stressed anymore when I have teacher make decisions, because I feel really empowered as the business owner to make them. So, if you are thinking about investing in Keep Growing, I highly, highly recommend it.
— Nikki Morrison, Queensland, Australia
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In addition to twice-monthly group coaching and masterminding calls and monthly 1:1 coaching time with Amy, you’ll also receive:

  • An exclusive Facebook group for connecting and masterminding with your high-level Yoga colleagues, including ready access to Amy via comments AND full access to previous rounds' interviews and advice.

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  • A weekly accountability check-in process that Amy will personally review to ensure you stay tracking to your goals and can address set backs or delays before they create problems.

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  • 6 live and 12 recorded 'pop-up' video trainings created for what you require specifically in your Yoga business starring Amy's own colleagues and mentors.

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When you register for the Keep Growing Mastermind you'll receive 6 months of powerful support, including:

over 24 hours of live group MASTERMINDING and coaching

Over 6 hours of private intensive coaching with Amy

6 abundant bonuses for extra Biz Bhava!

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$6000 AUD

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$6500 AUD


Register for the Pay in Full rate and receive a $500 discount.


Make a great choice for yourself: there are no refunds for this program


Register for the Payment Plan Rate with an initial payment of $2500 and 5 monthly payments of $800.

Make a great choice for yourself: there are no refunds for this program.

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The Keep Growing Mastermind is going to be a potent SMALL group of dedicated Yoga business owners.

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Pop-up Expert trainings, masterminding calls and private intensives commence upon registration.


{There is just one place left.}

Working with Amy, I have increased my global web presence. I’ve created contact and connections all over the world, and I’m traveling to teach now probably about once a month on average. I’m making more money doing less work and I’m also keeping more of the money that I bring in, so hugely successful on all fronts. As far as I’m concerned, this is the life I wanted to live.
If you’re thinking about working with Amy, huge thumbs up. Go for it, you will not regret it.
— Marisa Wolfe, New Mexico, USA
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This special Mastermind is for Yoga teacher graduates from one of Amy's high level programs who are committed to ongoing professional and personal development in both a group and private setting.

If you're not sure if it is the next step for you and your Yoga biz, please contact Amy to set up a time to talk: