Whether you're a yoga teacher or student, meditator, self care aficionado or practitioner of any other path, you have probably felt stuck or 'icky' with the combination of spirituality and wealth.

Does this show up for you as easily spending money on others, but feeling hesitant or fearful about investing in yourself?

Do you have a desire to dive into your practice more deeply with trainings and retreats but can't overcome your love-hate relationship with money to actually register?

Perhaps you've felt drawn to up-level your yoga wardrobe then chastised yourself about 'wasting money' and 'spiritual materialism'?

Or maybe you'd love to be the woman who buys organic food and yet you inevitably come home with the cheaper brands and produce (and still somehow feel like you've let yourself down)?

Here's the thing: as women committed to personal development and growth, part of our Sadhana--our spiritual path--is to generate, share and celebrate abundance in all it's forms (and that includes money!)


I know this can feels strange, because I used to BE you!

It was only a handful of years ago that I was living in massive misalignment when it came to my money story and my spiritual practice.

In fact I was SO misaligned that I shaved my head for 12 years as an austerity (read: hiding my inner light!!) measure. My poverty consciousness was SO big that I wouldn't even give myself hair!!! (I mean, seriously, do I look abundant here? In India doing yoga, sure. But abundant? Ah...)

And while it's easy for me to look back and see that misalignment now, at the time it wasn't at all clear. 

Yes, I was deeply going for my spiritual practice.

And at the same I was stuck in lack, depriving myself of abundance by living a full AND spiritual life.

So that's why I'm taking a stand for spiritual seekers to walk their path with integrity AND have a level of abundance in their lives that is truly divine!

It's time for you to walk...


This online wealth consciousness and abundance home study program is designed specifically for women for two main purposes:

1.   To help you identify and address your money story, lack consciousness and non-serving abundance beliefs (because it's time to shift from Sadhu to Devi, Gorgeous!)

2.   To enable you to be a fierce and feminine spiritual seeker who celebrates her full life with inner and outer abundance, knowing that material wealth is an essential component of your embodied practice.