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Chiang Mai, Thailand

17 - 24 January 2020



Chiang Mai, Thailand

17 - 24 January 2020

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As Yoga teachers we support and hold space for our students every time we show up for class. Yet how often do we take a step back to assess our own alignment?


Every day--often multiple times--we show up to support, hold space and heal our students and clients. Yet how often do we take these selfcare steps for ourselves?


We are committed to becoming better at what we do, registering for workshops with international teachers and seeking accreditations. Yet when do we actually take the time to learn the foundational pieces to be an abundant Yoga teacher?


The Abundant Yoga Teacher Retreat is Thailand is a potent blend of these pieces.

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It is the sacred space you've been craving to really take a heart-felt dive into your passion-based business.

It is the yoga and meditation holiday you're longing for deep in your bones.

It is the coming together of friends with open hearts ready and excited to share and nourish, rekindle and rejuvenate.

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In taking time out from everyday life you'll be able to reflect and remember on what drew you to this path originally.

With time and space you'll be invited to explore new directions, expansion or possibly consolidation in what it you offer and how you show up in your business and life.

Attending Amy’s Abundant Yoga Retreat was a big turning point in enabling me to move forward in my yoga business.
I have come away with clear goals, a shifted mindset, and have finally stopped procrastinating. It feels so good to have a clear vision for the future and I am now confidently taking steps forward to make this vision a reality.
I loved Amy’s no nonsense approach. It was wonderful to be able to build a personable rapport with her and also establish lifelong friendships with the other amazing yoga teachers who attended.
— Nicole Grace, Australia
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This retreat to Thailand is the best thing I have done for myself and my business so far.
So much inspiration and dedication from Amy — her wealth of knowledge and stories always amaze me.
The support and friendships with the other ladies will be treasured as we call on each other as Amy Retreaters!
The retreat centre is wonderful and I learned to ride a bike! Loved every minute of this retreat!
— Alison Wood, Australia
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Imagine spending seven days in magical northern Thailand with me showing you how to up-level your heart-centered business.

No phones to answer.

No classes to teach.

No hustle, struggle or uncertainty about what needs doing 'yesterday!' in your business.


Just spacious, targeted time to focus on what you need to step into greater abundance doing what you LOVE to do.


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Imagine recharging your Abundant Yoga Business batteries.


Time to fall back in love with what drew you to this work originally.

Time to delight in new friendships and explore what it truly means to have support and inspiration from colleagues who really 'get you'.

Time to take in new information, alchemise it and apply it in a way that feels spacious AND effective, and all before you leave the retreat centre.

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Come on retreat with me to experience all this and more from a place of joy, rather than a place of stress.

And imagine receiving all of this while on a deep-dive personal retreat, with daily Yoga, meditation, rest and nourishing farm-to-table meals.

Wow! I had a truly incredible experience in Thailand on the Abundant Yoga teacher retreat facilitated by Amy. I got so much out of my time there – a stronger body from the yoga practise, a deep intention that I set on the first day which I have kept with me, and some amazing new yoga teacher friends from around the world.
The content Amy shared over the 5 days was perfect to help me break through some of my blocks around growing my business, and also to inspire me to step up and make some really brave and positive changes.
I loved the way Amy held the group through the week – total professionalism, mixed with cracking humour and a generous dose of honesty to gently call us on our stuff when needed. Looking forward to my continuing relationship with Amy as a coach and mentor for me.
— Louise Walker, Australia
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As a yoga teacher and holistic health care practitioner, I found this retreat tremendously beneficial to finding clarity about how to approach my business, combining all of my modalities to support my clients with their health goals.
Amy has a real gift in being able to draw out what is holding us back in our business actions and provides clear guidance to put a realistic and actionable plan together while challenging any limiting beliefs. And the yoga! Oh it was so good to be the student and not the teacher!
I learnt so many awesome cues that I now use in every one of my classes to benefit my students. And Amy’s theming was fully linked to the day’s teachings which really helped me to integrate the learning. I hope to have the opportunity to come again. It was seriously an amazing retreat!
— Susie Garden, Australia
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Working for yourself can have incredible boons: freedom, flexibility and the opportunity to share your own unique gifts in a really authentic way. But it can also get really lonely.

Have you ever tried to reach out and network with other teachers in town only to find that there is a competitive or abrasive energy going on feels repellant?

In joining the Abundant Yoga Teacher Retreat you are saying 'Yes!' to a supportive, high-vibrational community ready to support you and your personal and business growth. 

Not only with their be networking and masterminding, lasting friendships will form, nourishing connections that will last long after our week comes to a close.


Who will be there to share with when times get tough?

Who will really listen to what is feeling stuck or blocked for you in our Yoga businesses?

And who will really be there to see and celebrate you in your breakthroughs?


We will.


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Already other Yoga teachers and holistic practitioners have said 'Yes!' to that inner whisper telling them that this retreat was for them.

And together we are ready to welcome you into our gathering collection of sisters.

We are ready to listen and learn from you, share our wisdom with you and celebrate the new version of you and your business that is longing to come forth.

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If you're ready to discover your loyal tribe of teaching sisters who totally get you and support you and where you desire to take your holistic practice, take your place with us on the Abundant Yoga Teacher Retreat.

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Wow! What a game changing experience learning from Amy on retreat in a tropical paradise with a group of amazingly inspiring Yoga business owners. Amy’s love and passion for Yoga, her depth of knowledge in business and Yoga, her beautiful ability to hold space for risk-taking, for growth and for healing - whether it be on the Yoga mat, in the meditation hall, during business class and open office hours or one-on-one - made it possible for me to see and challenge self-defeating patterns that were keeping me stuck in my business.

Before the Retreat I was still in denial about someday returning to the security of a ‘proper’ office job, but now I have no doubt that the work I do is not only ‘proper’ but is also incredibly important, necessary, valuable AND I can create an abundant lifestyle through sharing my passion.
— Leonie Beck, Australia
On the Retreat, Amy empowered me to come to my own conclusions without putting words in my mouth, so I truly feel this journey is mine, but she showed me clearly that she understood my business, and gave me the support I needed to step confidently forward.

Amy have fired me up to really take my business seriously, and finally get impactful things done (website, branding, photos, marketing, self-confidence) ... No nonsense, no time-wasting with a softly-softly approach - just straight-talking from the heart, peppered with fun and interesting ‘life experiences’ of her own, and a pure deep love of everything Yogic. Thank you, Amy.
— Emma Ryan, Singapore
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This is for you

This is for you

The Abundant Yoga Teacher Retreat is for you if:


- You are a healer (yoga teacher, life coach, reiki practitioner, massage therapist, aromatherapist, mental health professional, health coach, spiritual teacher, etc.) and have a business that you want to grow.

- You have a longing for change and expansion, and you're craving the quiet time to go deep, explore and implement what you discover. 

- You are lit up about supporting the other people on retreat with you, knowing that we can be even more powerful when we work together and create an environment of love, support, and care for all involved.

- You know what you have to offer the world is of service and you are finally ready to make now your time!


It was just a life changing experience, and it’s paid for itself over and over.
I realised I’d been playing small even when I thought I’d been aiming high, so under Amy’s insightful and intuitive teaching, I got clarity on my blocks, and gave myself permission to admit what I wanted from my business and my life, and put an action plan in place to go for it. I’ve been seeing those results manifesting ever since. I think about this Retreat every single day.
I can’t believe I was able to take in so much good stuff when I spent so much time laughing! I want to do it all over again!
— Alexandra Turner, Scotland
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Sadie Wells(1).png
I am a complete novice when it comes to running a yoga business, and I gleaned so much from this retreat, and as I sit here at home - weeks later working on the business plan I created whilst there - I STILL feel excited and inspired!
A shift in me has happened, and I am loving it. I am now comfortable investing in myself (the old me had a panic attack when I first booked!!) as the rewards are just way too precious.
And if it’s not top-notch coaching that you’re looking for (delivered with passion from a fellow yogi!) then just go for the asana, the location, the food, and the incredible fellow like-minded yogis you’ll meet. I feel nothing but blessed and can’t BELIEVE I almost didn’t go!
— Sadie Wells, Australia
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A yoga retreat

A yoga retreat

You will welcome in each day of the Abundant Yoga Teacher Retreat with a morning Yoga class with me as your Teacher.

A truly gorgeous way to start the morning with the emerging sun glinting through the open windows of our guest house. A little mist from the moat that surrounds the centre. A stick of incense. A few blurry eyes. An unfolding of mats. Your time to take the role of the student and simply be with your practice.


My Yoga style will be different to yours. You'll be asked to try new things, literally and metaphorically flex new muscles. And when we're done, over our luxurious breakfast, we can discuss, share and reflect on our similarities and differences.


Your very own group of colleagues and friends who really get what it means to love Yoga as much as you do and enjoy all of its complexities and nuance just like you do.


If you're ready to get back into your practice, and take the seat of the student for a week, I am so ready to support you.

From Amy’s guidance through the work done on the retreat, the professional and personal development, the questions, the other lovely supportive women there too, I am more focused and motivated. I feel like I know where I am going with my business and more trusting of my own inner guidance than I was before. I now know I can be awesome and abundant, and I have the business tools to help me get there too. Thanks Amy!
— Sam Seghers, Australia
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Louise Neicho.png
The Abundant Yoga Teacher Retreat marked the start of my full-time career in yoga and it’s the best thing that I could have done. It’s given me clarity, focus and probably most importantly the confidence to go out there and really make a success of my yoga biz. Oh and the setting, the food, the company is to die for!
— Louise Neicho, UK
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An abundance retreat

An abundance retreat


In our abundant business workshops you'll receive the information and guidance you need without being bothered by details that won't support your growth. All of our activities will be directly applicable: and there will be time to mastermind, share and implement together, too.



1. A steady, clear foundation:

  • Clarity on your current yoga or holistic business, what you love and what needs more loving attention.

  • Your desired business model: scoped, defined and clear about your services and offerings.

  • A business plan for growth, greater service and abundance over the following 90-days.


2. Your 'stand out' brand:

  • Certainty on your ideal clients, who and how you wish to serve.

  • Your brand identity: authenticity AND uniqueness so you never feel pressure to compete.

  • Tips and techniques to generate professional looking (and sounding!) collateral without the big cost.


3. Marketing confidence:

  • A readiness to really 'put yourself out there' in your marketing material (and get out of hiding!).

  • A concise, 'do-able' social media plan to keep your clients and students enthusiastic and loyal without you ever feeling 'salesy'.

  • Systems and structures that keep you out of overwhelm while also raising the energy in your Kula by sharing your news and offerings.


4. A healthy money story:

  • Confidence in pricing your services so you worth is reflected in your rates.

  • A high vibration and magnetism generated through a belief in what you offer and how you conduct your work in the world

  • A transition to abundance consciousness, leaving lack and fear behind!



And of course the benefit of having spent a week on retreat: deep, restful sleep, wholesome vegetarian meals, daily yoga and meditation and gorgeous company all in a picturesque natural environment.


You don't need to be social media savvy to join us. 

You don't need to consider yourself an entrepreneur.

You most certainly don't need to have it all figured out first.

This is an 'all levels' retreat: from your yoga and meditation practice through to your website, pricing and services.

Kathryn Avery.png
Recently I went to Thailand on the Abundant Yoga Teachers Retreat with Amy. It was simply beautiful. I absolutely loved the simplicity of the retreat centre. I felt very supported and nurtured there as a yogi and as a woman by Amy as a business owner.
I especially loved the training. Each day was different and it was seamless from the moment we got up and practiced yoga to when we did the daily training and all throughout the day. Amy puts in a lot of effort to make it all suit the needs of the participants but also the flow of the retreat itself.
I found the food to always be amazingly fresh, wholesome and delicious. The free time during the day was perfect for either resting, getting out on the bikes and exploring the area or putting the daily learning into practice and working on my business.
— Kathryn Avery, Australia
Huge, just huge!!! So much inspiration, so many ideas, the tools and the kick in the backside to manifest them. Amy you are the real deal. Thank you. I landed in Oz and hit the ground running - steady footed and unapologetically fierce.
— Katie Dutton. Australia
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With full support

With full support

An Abundant Yoga Teacher Retreat is unlike any other form of business growth program you can imagine.


It is a deep, nurturing and supportive wellbeing retreat where we come together each day to bring forth your business best, from a place of rest, openness and contemplation.

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 11.48.17 am.jpg

Our daily meditation and journalling will be designed to rekindle your passion for your practice and craft, as well as draw forth inspiration, ideas and creativity to grow your business, serve more people and generate abundance.


You'll be supported with incredible farm-to-table vegetarian meals prepared with love by the women at the Retreat Centre. There will be time for rest and afternoon naps, bike rides to the coffee shop, time reading in the library or contemplating in the meditation space.

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Come home

Come home

Our retreat will take place at IWP, the International Women's Centre for Peace and Justice, a hand-built by women for women, village-style retreat centre about an hour from Chiang Mai in northern Thailand.

IWP is a very sacred, special place. 

It is where I enjoyed my very first retreat.

It is where I set my intention to become a Yoga teacher.

It is where I held my very first Yoga retreat.

It is a powerful and transformative place... while being a sanctuary, an immersion in the village culture of Thailand.

Learn more about it and it's Founders here:


I found the Abundant Teacher Yoga Retreat in Thailand so beneficial on so many levels. I loved the simplicity of the days - falling into a rhythm that felt so easeful in my body - a total recalibration in slowing down. I found a very deep sense of connection with the other retreat participants - a shared deep understanding and connection that is still flowing deep in my bones (and in Facebook groups!). The food was delicious and nourishing as were the practices - Amy is an expert teacher and I absolutely loved every moment of being taught by her - overcoming some long held doubts about what my body was capable of!!! On a business levels the retreat ticked all the boxes and more - I felt heard, supported and sent on my way with an action plan!!! I have not stopped raving about this retreat and plan to attend again! I arrived feeling a little worn out and left feeling exceptionally inspired, with a whole new sets of tools in my belt. Thank you so much Amy!
— Amanda Vilenica-Field, Australia
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You'll Receive

You'll Receive

  • 6 Yoga classes

  • 5 Meditation and Relaxation sessions

  • 5 Abundant Business workshop sessions

  • All meals, from Saturday dinner through to Friday breakfast

  • All accommodation (in twin or triple share, basic ashram-style accommodation)

  • Access to bicycles, library, Yoga space and meditation hall during your free time and breaks

  • Land transport from Chiang Mai centre

FullSizeRender 9.jpg
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Not included:

Airfares (or other transport to and from your home to Chiang Mai)

Travel insurance (a requirement)

Thai massage (which can be arranged in the afternoon spare time for a very modest sum.)


Please note this Abundant Yoga Retreat is not a luxury experience in the traditional sense. Our accommodation at IWP is simple, clean, 'ashram-style' with shared rooms and bathrooms.

Our meals are prepared with love and full of local flavour and amazing fresh ingredients.

Our workshop Sala is set among rice fields. Our guest house is hand-built rammed earth.

You'll fall asleep to the sounds of geckos and crickets, and wake to the sounds of birds. 

Chiang Mai, Thailand (1).jpg

There is a tiered pricing system for this retreat. The prices will go up as each tier sells out.

Tier 1:

$1,800 AUD


Tier 2:

$2,200 AUD


Tier 3:

$2,600 AUD


Tier 4:

$3,000 AUD

(2 places remaining)

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If you know that you are meant for more but you never find the time to recalibrate and think clearly...

If you're scared that the busy-ness and overwhelm of running your business might dilute (or destroy) the passion for your craft...

If you're just not the type to invest in a business course (but know you need the skills)...


Then I'm ready to invite you in to the special sanctuary in northern Thailand and guide you into a fuller, more grounded and more abundant version of yourself as a holistic business owner.

IMG_4979 2.JPG


Spend seven days and six nights at my favourite retreat centre in the world, eating amazing organic meals, practicing yoga and meditation, reflecting, learning with a group of like-minded souls and really taking time for you!

And enjoy my support and guidance to map out the business you truly desire to offer to your community: refining your message, services, marketing and pricing once and for all.

It's true: not all retreats are the right fit for everybody.

If you'd like to speak with me privately about this retreat and discover if it is the right fit for you, please send me an email and we can set up a time to talk.

My intention for this retreat is that the perfect collection of Yoga teachers and holistic practitioners gather to really receive the greatest benefit from the retreat, my coaching and each others' company. So I am totally available to help you decide if this is for you.

Email me at amy@amymcdonald.com.au

Wow! Amy’s Grow Your Yoga Business Retreat in Thailand — it was so much more than what I expected. The group, the Yoga, the coaching, the meditation, the cuisine, the people ... we even experienced the ‘Super Blue Blood Moon’ while we were there. It was pretty special!
The Retreat was more than a ‘retreat’. It was an opportunity to look inwards and understand the value that you can offer to your community. It was about playing BIG, reinventing yourself and realising your self-worth. There was a great mix within our group where we could share different experiences and learnings. Some were experienced Yoga studio owners, others were just starting out - it was a great opportunity to draw on their experiences.
The business side of the retreat was HUGELY insightful. There is a lot to grasp with running your own business, but Amy shared a valuable toolkit which included marketing tools, copywriting tools, social media tools, website tools and much more. I have come away with heaps of new skills and feel truly energised to grow my own abundant business.
Thank you Amy McDonald. Thank you to all the girls on my retreat. It was an honour sharing the time together with you.
— — Debbie Solms, Australia
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Kathryn Avery retreat.png
Recently I attended my second Abundant Yoga Teach Retreat in Thailand with Amy and absolutely loved it. I felt so inspired there with other high vibe yogis and was able to learn some essential skills for my business that I took action on whilst on retreat to gain more confidence and visibility in my business. We were coached by Amy in particular skills and as we were putting them in action at retreat we were able to ask more questions and seek more info if required about our new learning.

I especially loved the ritual at retreat of yoga every morning, business classes, free afternoons and meditation in the evenings. It really allowed a lot of time for personal self-reflection, growth and space to get set for a great year ahead. I connected really well with a bunch of other amazing yogis on the retreat and now have a very supportive group to continue to learn with and from. Since retreat we are still all in contact and supporting each other which is invaluable.

Coming home from retreat I am full of inspiration, a clear direction for my business and a lot of confidence to share my passion for yoga. Time with Amy is definitely well spent learning, laughing and talking about all things yoga business but also yoga philosophy and more. I simply love these retreats.
— Kathryn Avery, Australia, 2019