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You know, being a great teacher isn't the only thing you need as a Yoga professional.

What often blindsides us in being successful Yoga teachers is the business piece. Without being across your marketing, pricing, online presence, visibility, promotion and planning it simply isn't possible to be an abundant Yoga Teacher.

If you're anything like me you've had times where there were only one or two students in your class. Maybe you've run a workshop at a loss, cancelled a retreat because you couldn't fill it.

Maybe you're scurrying all over town teaching at gyms and other studios and still can't make ends meet (let alone teach in a way that feels authentic!).

Perhaps you're terrified of having your picture taken, don't have a website, don't want to be 'too pushy' or 'salesy' about your classes and are still wondering why no one can find you and book in.

Good news. All of this is what I help Yoga teachers work through.

I eat, sleep, breathe Abundant Yoga Teacher opportunities and I would be delighted to help you in a free one-hour Strategy Session.

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Strategy Sessions are a wonderful opportunity to receive my support in growing your abundant business. No catches, no hidden sells, just 45 minutes to an hour of Yoga biz coaching geek out, me, you and your biz.

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I'm really looking forward to supporting you to discover some 'use right now' actions that will be of service to your Yoga business or holistic practice.


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