Do you have the desire to hold retreats in gorgeous places like Bali or Tuscany but you’re not sure how to find the right people to invite?

Do you know you are meant to serve a far wider audience than you can reach teaching in studios but you're not sure how to reach them?

Are you searching for ‘your tribe’ and ready to support them in a meaningful potent and accessible way that isn't limited by geography?

Are you looking for a deeper way to connect with people to foster connections and trust so people feel they know you and want to invest in your larger offers?

Do you desire to have a more mobile business so you can teach and serve from anywhere while still totally being there for your students?


Virtual Retreats are a simple AND strong way for you to receive all of these benefits.

Learn the essential elements to create, fill and hold beautiful, nourishing virtual retreats so you can grow, support and share with your tribe in a ways that are meaningful for you AND them.

When I stepped out from the studio and began working online, holding monthly virtual retreats was a cornerstone of the success that grew my business.

Offering one virtual retreat a month, within 6 months I:


  • Welcomed 2000 gorgeous Yogis on to my mailing list

  • Generated over 2000 likes on my Facebook page

  • Grew a supportive and high vibrational private Facebook group where ‘my people’ could hang out, share and celebrate each other

  • Filled an in-person retreat from my mailing list

  • Launched my first ever passive income stream (yes, that means ‘make money while you sleep’!)

  • Came to understand on a far deeper level the desires and issues facing my ideal students, helping me further refine who and how I desired to be of service as a Teacher.

Being the holder of space for people is one of the most rewarding parts of being a Yoga teacher. But it isn't always easy!


With virtual retreats you don’t have to worry about:

Mainstreaming your message... to align with a studio’s audience or mandate… because your unique message and way is perfect just as it is!

The logistics of meeting in person… Medical conditions, meeting points, food intolerances… argh!

Being perfect… We all have teaching days where we just don't feel like pulling on our stretchy pants! Working online means you get to show up simply as you are, without the drama of looking a certain way. 

People not showing up… The flexibility of virtual retreats means people can join you literally from all over the world, radically increasing your potential audience, not to mention attracting the exact types of students you adore working with!

Repeating yourself over and over… When you create and share a gorgeous virtual retreat with your community you can record and repurpose it, sharing it over and over either as a free gift or an info product, freeing up more time for you and the things you love doing.

Burning out or ‘overselling’ to your community… There are 7 billion people on the planet, and half of them are on the internet!! This means there are more than enough people out there who need what you desire to offer and are looking for you!



In this 4-part home study program you'll learn:

  • The exact steps to take to launch, fill, hold and sell your virtual retreats with clear ready-to-use templates and guidance from me. 

  • The simple tech things you'll need so your audience feels complete and full regardless of the number of people there with you live and you don't feel overwhelmed or like you're flying an aeroplane!

  • How to convert your virtual retreats into ongoing income streams and offers for your community so you can switch working time for money to a more effective, supportive way of being.

  • How to reclaim YOU time... hint: I ran many of my virtual retreats in my PJs from my sofa without anyone knowing a thing!


When you register for the program, you'll receive instant access to all 4 modules, covering:

Finding Your People

{Marketing and List Building}

How to find your people and build a strong following of fans who really need what you feel called to offer so you never have to feel like you're working to convince people to work with you.


Creating Your Retreat Space

{The Techy Bit!}

How to choose the exact technology and software you’ll require to keep things lean and simple while also giving you the freedom to teach from anywhere AND generate a sense of connection and community so you don't have to struggle to figure it out by yourself.


Hosting Your Retreats with Grace and Ease

{Retreat Planning and Leveraging}

How to plan your retreats so the components make sense, take just the right amount of time, are of deep service to your tribe AND provide you with a generous and heart-felt conduit to talk about your other programs and offerings.


Doing More With Less

{The Sales Funnel}

How to generate income from your virtual retreats and how to ensure that they support investment in your larger offers (hint: people getting to spend time with you on virtual retreat is THE BEST way to invite people to your in person retreats!)


Audio Training Recordings

Each of these topics will be supported with an audio training recording where I’ll guide you into the material in depth.

As well, I’ll be sharing what you need to know ‘sutra style’, so no padding or unnecessary stuff from me.

The recordings are also fully downloadable so you can listen in to them again and again and keep them safe in your personal library.



As well as the in-depth audio trainings, for each module you’ll also receive an ‘all action, no fluff’ workbook so you can develop your own content as you go, meaning you don't need to try and figure it out alone.

I've filled these workbook with the exact email, website, newsletter and FB ad copy I used in my really successful virtual retreats so you can pick it up and use it straight away in your own business.


In this training you'll receive all of the components you need to create, offer, hold and leverage powerful, nourishing Virtual Retreats.

With your action, the program resources and my guidance, by the end of the program it will be possible to have:

  • Grown an online community to invite to your retreat

  • Curated the retreat itself, weaving in the perfect elements to accent your brand and other offerings

  • Held your retreat (with some of us joining in to support you!)

  • Transformed your Virtual Retreat into an info product and then offered it for sale or as a free gift to your  community.


(Please note that you may desire to make additional investments to maximise your outcomes from this program. For example, if you choose to boost Facebook posts or use a professional graphic designer you will cover these costs yourself.)


In addition to 4 recorded audio trainings and 4 substantive workbooks, you’ll also receive:

  • Access to my sales funnel so you can clearly see and replicate how to convert your virtual retreat recordings into passive income.

  • My virtual retreat ‘back catalogue’ so you can watch and listen to me in action, using my previous retreats for inspiration and guidance for how you desire to show up in you own authentic way.

  • Example emails so you know exactly what to share with your people before and after your retreats, generating a strong and inviting welcoming sequence and a heart-felt sales sequence.

  • My comprehensive resource list: the exact websites, people and books I use to plan the components of my virtual retreats so you’ll never feel stuck for ideas.


Your investment to register for this home study program is only:


$200 AUD

(approx. $150 USD or £115)


If holding virtual retreats is something you’ve been thinking about and you’d prefer to not figure it out alone, then I’d strongly encourage you to register for this program now.

Let's do this!