Hey there, Gorgeous!

Today I’m inviting you to check in with what your ‘external’ reality is saying about your ‘internal reality’. To be more specific: what limiting beliefs, conditioning or blocks in YOU and YOUR YOGA BUSINESS can you reveal by how you are conducting yourself as a Yoga teacher and practitioner?

To help you with this telling and potent revelation practice I’ve put together a print-out worksheet. You can download it here >>

We can become SO accustomed to conducting ourselves in a certain way that we lose sight of the capacity for expansion. How can you possibly know how amazing life can be—and how fully and abundantly you can serve your community and walk your Dharma—without checking in?

Here are the steps to make the most of this resource:

1. Print the worksheet packet out.

2. Fill it in with an actual pen or pencil (oooh, old school!)

3. Do any journaling / meditation / prayer / etc you need to to process any of the information that comes up for you.

4. Burn the paper to release any lack mentality, 'stuckness' or negativity, repeating your mantra and 'Sva Ha!' at the end.

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