Online marketing  isn't just for international teachers and coaches.

With some simple training and step-by-step instructions my clients have used things like facebook ads to reach out to new--and loyal--students!

In this training I'll share 4 foundational concepts to feel steady in your online marketing approach as well as trouble shoot some common problems and fears.

I used to be not only tech oblivious, I was tech terrified...!!!

So I get it if the idea of posting Yoga pics of yourself everywhere or pouring over google analytics gives you 'Ustrasana tummy'.

The good news is that I've figured out the few things you need and all the things you don't to create a strong, confident and magnetic online presence without needing to spend hours on your computer or looking at your phone.

If up-levelling your online presence and attracting new students and clients to your classes, retreats and events is something that would help you Grow, Serve & Shine in your Yoga business, I'd be honoured to help.

Let's get started with a complimentary discovery call.