Wow! It is finally time to open registrations for my first retreat in almost 2 years!

This Abundant Yoga Teacher Retreat is a deep, nurturing and supportive wellbeing retreat where we come together each day to bring forth your business best, from a place of rest, openness and contemplation.

Our daily meditation and journalling will be designed to rekindle your passion for your practice and craft, as well as draw forth inspiration, ideas and creativity to grow your business, serve more people and generate abundance.

Our daily Yoga classes will encourage you to dissolve blocks and barriers to abundance, from conditioning to self-abandoning and limiting self-belief.

In our abundant business workshops you'll receive the information and guidance you need without being bothered by details that won't support your growth. All of our activities will be directly applicable: and there will be time to mastermind, share and implement together, too.

In this podcast I'm sharing more about the retreat, as well as a VERY limited and special registration offer. Enjoy!