This week we're talking all things masterminding: what is is, why I REALLY recommend it, how to start one and how to avoid potential pitfalls when you do decide to start.


I'm also sharing you some of my actual mastermind, so you can meet the amazing women in my masterminding group as well as hearing how they handle me in a mini-meltdown!

Here is me with two of my mastermind buddies - Carlota and Siobhan - in Florence. Super fun! (And you'll get to know them a little on the podcast.)

Masterminding has made the biggest difference to growing my Yoga business. Keeping the company of these high vibe women has inspired me to keep moving forward, address my limiting beliefs and conditioning and stay accountable when I've felt like slacking off!

Masterminding is essential.

If you're ready to meet high vibe people and form your own powerful AND fun masterminding group, register for my Abundant Yoga Teacher Retreat is Thailand this October!

This Retreat is for you if- (18).jpg