Once we get past the basics: overcoming visibility, comfort with marketing, filling our exisiting classes and feeling more confident about what makes us unique in what we offer, many of us desire to offer longer opportunities for our students.

If you've thought about workshops or retreats, or if you'd like some insights to make your future workshops and retreats even better, you'll enjoy this call!

Can you believe that the year is almost half way done? Yowsers!

June is a busy time for us biz coaches because its the time when folks realise that they aren't quite tracking to their goals for the year... and people are also thinking about tax deductions!

So it might be a bit counter-intuitive that this month I am actually limiting the number of new clients I'll be welcoming in to Grow, Serve & Shine.

If you're looking to work with me to Grow, Serve & Shine in your biz, want to get started this month (and add it to 2015-2016's expenses!) then you'll need to be one of two people to take inspired action.

I'm only welcoming 2 new clients into Grow, Serve & Shine this month.

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