Being confident, compelling and authentic with your writing is the second most important thing in being an abundant Yoga teacher.

(The first is being an awesome teacher!)

But for SO MANY Yoga teachers, writing can be terrifying.

What about you?

Does writing for your Yoga biz terrify you?

Are you afraid of the blank page?

Have you got great ideas but you struggle to articulate them?

Do you worry that your emails are salesy despite your intention to be in service?

Does your website feel a bit beige when you know your Yoga is anything but!??

If you want to feel authentic about writing for your Yoga biz, you need to rely on your HEART more and your HEAD less.


I'll teach you in the podcast!

PS: I am SO excited about Writing from the Heart!!


Feel confident to convey your message & what you have to offer
 without feeling like you need to use icky, salesy spin and fear-based marketing manipulation.

Share your authentic LOVE of Yoga & inspire your students through story and allegory to bring more of these important teachings into their own lives and the lives of their families and communities.

It's going to be AWESOME! (Really.)


Writing from the Heart is an 8-week virtual training where you will learn the professional tips and tricks to convey your powerful message to magnetise your ideal students.

Over our 8-week journey together I'll support you to:

  • Stop wasting time and second guessing and start sharing!

  • Stop repelling and start attracting!

  • Stop waffling and being boring and start engaging!

Your writing can be powerful for your students, you AND your business. You just need a little know-how!

And that's what you'll receive when you register for this training program.

In this 4-module live training I'll share with you the difference between fear-based marketing and love-based writing, crafting emails, web copy, fliers, postcards, blog posts and articles that feel good to write AND entice your students to work with you.

Writing from the Heart is 4 live video trainings with me plus 4 workbooks exploring the essential system I've created for writing confident, compelling and authentic copy for Yoga.