It's true: I have a Guru addiction.

I love reading about them. I love watching movies about them. I go talks, listen to recordings. I'm totally addicted.

Last month I spent a week in Pune, India, around the Osho Meditation Resort (hint: upscale ashram) and I learnt A LOT...

If you're not familiar with OSHO, he was a Guru who left the body in 1990. He built an incredible ashram in the States, when he was known as Bhagwan Rajneesh.

After 'some stuff' (guns, poising, vote stacking...) he left the States and returned to Pune where he continued to guide people in meditation and Tantric teachings.

One of the things I ADORE about OSHO's teachings is his belief about abundance.

In fact, the Pune ashram is intentionally called a 'meditation resort' because " it emphasizes Osho’s insistence on abundance, both inner and outer. The complete opposite of the traditional glorification of poverty and renunciation associated with “ashrams.”"

Interesting, no?

So this week I'm going to be unpacking more of my experience at the 'resort', what learnings I had personally and how I think some of these teachings can help you in your Yoga biz.

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